Thursday, June 07, 2007

Son of Hiratio…….

I know….me and my titles. So several years ago when my wife and I 1st moved into the place that we are living in now I ventured into the front yard for the time. I was in search of cool bugs….of course. Back then I had just bought my Nikon D1x and had made my switch from shooting film to shooting digital. Well to my great delight I found this really cool Green Lynx spider on the leaf of a tree. It was green and yellow and had these spike things coming out of its legs and it had some cool looking spots on it. Needless to say I shot quite a few pictures of this thing. As with any creepy bug shots, they are only faces that a mom could ever appreciate. To my dismay I found that not very many moms even wanted to come close to the photo……..except for my grandma Sarah. She LOVED the photo and thought it was the coolest thing ever, little did she know that she is the coolest thing ever. Being that she was the only person to really like the photo I gave her a print of it, she proceeded to tell me that she had named the spider Hiratio, to this day I still have no clue why she named it that but it has stuck. The other day I went to find some bugs in the front yard. What did I find? Well let just say that Hiratio lives on through his descendants. Enjoy!!

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