Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We currently have a hardcover 100 page photo book for sale for 50 dollars. You need to let me know by Thursday the 18th at 5pm so i can put the order through. The book is beautiful with photos on the front and back covers and as i said it is a hardcover book, all the pages are full photographs no writing just cool full color photos for you to sit back and enjoy. Makes a great coffee table book or gifts for art enthusiast. You can email me at fluxphotography@gmail.com if you are interested. Heres some screen captures of the book layout.

coming up...

keep your eyes i open for a washington dc post and a an NYC post!! Also the spectacle of color post has been updated with a few new photos.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Spectacle of color....

My wife and i recently took a trip out to the East Coast for 10 days, we spent some time in Washington DC and in New York City. Both places have a lot to offer for people going to visit but as it stands i would have to say the DC was by far our favorite place to visit and 5 days there was not nearly enough time. There was so much to see in our nations capitol and tons of museums to visit, we only visited 2 of them but spend hours and hours in both of them. I will post more on the things that we did in a later post, one of the big reasons why we went there though was to try and catch some fall color. While we do see patches of the magic that is Fall here in California it is nothing compared to the grandiose spectacle that it is on the East Coast. Last year we visited my brother in NC and unfortunately were to late for it, this year we went hoping to catch some more of it. Unfortunately its always a gamble and we were just a little bit to early to catch it at its peak, while this was a big disappointment there were a few patches here and there that we were able to find. Even the small areas of color that we were able to find were amazing, while in DC Jen and i took a whole day renting bikes and riding around DC and through Rock Creek Park it was an incredible time and one of my favorite memories. Most of the images are from Rock Creek Park but i will be adding some from central park and other areas that we saw some color. So without further ado here is some fall color for you to get you in the mood for the holidays, cus lets face it this weather cant seem to make up its mind and sure doesnt help any! Enjoy!!