Thursday, June 14, 2007

San Jose Day 2....

Well im behind again and now im trying to play catch up......again. The second day that i was in San Jose i decided to stick around the downtown area that we were staying in and do some urban shooting. If theres one thing that San Jose had in abundance it was cool looking run down areas. Lots of red brick and old looking buildings, i love that kind of stuff cus i think that it gives cities tons of "personality". San Jose also had a lot of areas that were newer or underdevelopment, it gave the city a really neat contrast between old and new. i had a lot of fun shooting and think that i got some cool stuff. While i was shooting i kept hearing music from somewhere in the city, after i had shot what i wanted i decided to go see what all the noise was about. Turns out that there was some raggae concert going on in the park, it was a band called Eek-a-Mouse and they were actually pretty good. seems like the city has concerts there every week . It was unfortunate that i did not go and check it out earlier. I arrived at the end of the concert but had just enough time to get a couple of shots.........and smell the ridiculous amounts of weed that was being smoked. Anywho, the day was fun check back later this week as i have more blogs to post. For now enjoy these photos.

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