Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Australian Adventure.....

The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 are marked by a historic occasion for Jen and myself, we embarked on our greatest adventure and largest trip to date. We are in Australia for a month!!! We have been driving around this incredibly beautiful country in our little bright green and purple home on wheels. As we spent our 1st few days in Melbourne and drove the Great Ocean Road it became very apparent that a month here was not going to be nearly long enough. In fact i don't think that any amount of time would be enough to explore this amazing place, one could spend a life time exploring Australia and never run out of things to see. So far we've only made it from Melbourne to Sydney and already we have seen so many amazing things. From the incredible coastal beauty of the the great ocean road, to the grandure of the 12 apostles to the spectacle that is New Years in the beautiful city of Sydney it has been an amazing adventure. Then theres the wildlife!! Its everywhere!!! We have woken up to a field full of kangaroos, to walking around and seeing parrots and cockatoos flying free, a cool looking lizard just chilling on a rock at our campground, little furry night creatures and the list goes on and on. Australia's weather is a beast all its own, truly it is an incredible facet of this country and it changes by the second. Thats no lie either, it could be perfectly clear one minute then huge ominous clouds roll in and its completely cloudy. Next its huge downpours, then it clears up, sun shines through, its hot, rains again, lightning, clears again, gorgeous sunset angels sing........aaahhhhhh! Words, pictures, memories nothing absolutely nothing can adequately describe this place, you really must experience it for yourself. If at all possible share the experience with someone you love, as such adventures in fact all adventures should be shared. I am truly grateful to have Jen with me, this experience has stretched us for sure but it makes me realize how incredibly blessed I am to have her. She is my companion to hold as we take that deep breath in appreciation of something beautiful, the other perspective to our great adventure, my navigator, planner, fellow photographer, searcher of vital information, someone to vent to, someone to laugh with, someone to reflect on the days adventures with, our budgeter.............the list is endless. I may get the "pretty" pictures but without her none of this would be possible. Our time here continues, there will be many things that we will see and much more that we won't, some things will be photographed and others are meant to only be a beautiful memory.........until our next trip :) Until next time, there truly is nothing like Australia. G'day mates!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Magic of NYC

We just recently returned from a short vacation to New York City. Cities are generally not my thing, but there is something oddly enchanting about New York that just makes you want to live there. Most other cities i can usually only stay in for about 3 days before i start going batty and look forward to being home, but i could see myself living in new york. We've gone 3 times now and every time its a new experience, some new food to try an new place to see, more history to soak in.....its awesome! This time around i would have to say that my favorite place by far was the Flatiron District, i loved going back to it and catching sunsets there. Not to mention the building itself is iconic and is associated with NYC, every time we've been to New York i always want to visit there but for some reason never got around to it. This time we finally went and i loved every minute of it. I have tons of photos for you so i will cut this short and let you have at them. ENJOY!