Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ominous weather.....

How cool is this weather?!?! Woke up today and saw all the dark clouds and that there had been some rainfall and immediately took off. Continued the blue experiment today, and shot pretty much everything at 2500k, it makes for some dark and cold feeling pictures. Ive also been playing around with my Speedlights, its great that they are wireless and i can put them just about anywhere and control the output right from the cameras menu. While im nowhere near mastering the technique of using multiple strobes its fun to experiment and learn new stuff. With all these dark clouds hanging around i love doing long exposures to show some movement in the images.......what does all this mean? It means that i had a BLAST!!! Not all of the pictures from today will be in blue, i converted some to B&W but i will post the alternate ones tomorrow probably. Well thats all for now, heres the shots from today, and remember that bad weather makes for better pictures. Enjoy!!

This is the alternate "blue" shot

Monday, January 29, 2007

A trip to the bank....

Had to go to the bank today, so i decided to take some of the gear along. It was overcast all day so it wasnt to exciting, i kept hoping for some breaks in the clouds but no such luck. It was a little cold though so i decided to give the pics a little "mood" and set my white balance to 2500 K. Didnt have any set agenda so i was just experimenting really......thats why i only got 3 pictures that i liked. So here they are. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Michael and Nellie....

So towards the end of last year ( yeah i know this one is long overdue) my friend Michael Chan got hitched to his lovely bride Nellie Roth. Making him Mr. Roth..............err i mean.......Mr. & Mrs Chan......yeah thats what i meant to say. Anywho, I have known Michael for a long time now and we have an interesting relationship. It usually consist of insulting each other and somehow that has made a bond between us. So i had the pleasure of being invited to the wedding, and it was such a cool wedding to go to. First of all everything about the wedding was perfect, there was a lot of attention paid the little details and secondly this was the 1st wedding that i had been able to just attend with my wife. While i wasnt there in an official capacity i still brought some gear and managed to get some photos, and towards the end of the reception there was a special surprise. Michael and some of his buddies performed the "dance" to the song A Million Ways by Ok Go and it was flawless, i had to stay out of the way of the pros shooting the wedding so i didnt have the greatest vantage point. Still, i manged to get some shots off, and now ill shut my mouth and leave you with some photos. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Las vegas Pt. II...

Yes, ZO returned to Vegas and this time I had some company. I was there with my wife Jen, my brother inlaw William his wife Casie, and our fiends Kerry and his girlfriend Liz. The trip was a ton of fun, we hit some killer buffets, walked around a lot hit the penny slots and just hung out. Of course no trip would be complete without having some time to shoot, i went out one night to shoot some of the city at night but didnt get far. Usually a lot of the fountains are running and i like to include them in the shot to have some movement in the shot, but this year there has been some record cold temperatures and the fountains were shut down because the water freezes over. It was fun to go out and shoot though and i shot more just from the hip type shots of us haning out then actual set up stuff. We left on Thursday and made a stop at a ghost town along the way and spent most of the afternoon there. The trip was a blast and it was so much fun to hang out with Will and his wife and Kerry and Liz, i leave you now with a ton of shots from the trip. Enjoy.

Frozen water fountain on the way to vegas

Hard to clean the windows with an ice cube

your guess is as good as mine

Night time Vegas

Breakfast at the Paris Hotel....amazing

The Menendi

Kerry & Liz

The Wilsons

Vegas issued a wild animal alert....

Creepy mini mart we stopped at on the way home

Ghost Town

Henry the resident Ghost Town peacock

Goin home.....