Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The continuing adventures of Zo & Mike Baca

So on Saturday night......i think it was Saturday night, Mike and I went to do some night shooting. Hes been wanting to shoot this church thats been under construction for a few day now, and so we went to do some shots at 2 am. The church was cool but i will admit that i was at a loss for creativity as to how to shoot the building. I got one shot that i am not excited about but i dont hate it either. Mike had a lot of f shooting it and doing some with my million candle power spot light. While he occupied himself doing that i went and explored the surrounding area. Low and behold what do i find?!?!?! A BLACK WIDOW!!!!! Are you sick of seeing these things yet? I tell ya, im a total bug magnet, for a while it was lady bugs that i would find all over the place, then it was grasshoppers or some other form of jumping creature, now its black widows. Anywho, ive been having a lot of fun using my R1-C1 strobe kit and using the colored gels that came with them. I have been trying to make the spiders look as creepy and menacing as possible. I think with these shots i finally got a lot closer to what i was envisioning......but ill let you be the judge of that. Feel free to comment or ask questions. So there you have it, and now heres some photos. Enjoy!

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