Monday, June 25, 2007

Shelob & Friends.....

Not to long ago i did a post on this HUGE Black Widow spider that i found while washing the car. Well a bout 2 weeks ago i decided to go check out that area and see if i could find it again. Turns out that this huge black widow has some homies just chillin there. I counted 5 of these things just hanging around there and found one that was even BIGGER than the one i had originally found!! This thing is enormous, its butt is got back!!! hahahahaha. I will say this, if anyone wants a lesson in patience then take up macro photography. I tell you it can be the most frustrating thing ever, but so cool when you get a good shot. So since black widows are so skittish and will run and hide if something hits their web i spent some time in the front yard and found another spider to shoot. I have not yet identified this one but im working on it. In the mean time heres some pics......enjoy!!

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