Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crappy weather...

What is up with the weather being so blah in so cal lately? Especially at night?!?! I hate it!! Jen and i were hanging out with my buddy Blaine and his wife Bethany at the harbor. We had a little bonfire for them as they were going to be leaving the next day until next year for a very cool adventure. You can read more on Blaines blog, so the night was perfectly clear and the moon was full but no cool clouds. I was kicking myself for not bringing my gear but thats just how it goes i guess, i was planing on going out later that night but i was exhausted and decided against it. So i went out the following night and what do you know.........theres an impenetrable layer of clouds hanging around. This makes for dull sky and no moonlight. While it was extremely disappointing to be there under such bland conditions i still shot some pics while keeping an eye out for the cops so i wouldnt get a parking ticket. Yeah...parking is like 10 bucks at the harbor that late in the evening this equals LAMENESS!! Before i left i noticed that there was a fire pit that still had some burning embers and decided to take some shots. Its amazing what stupid things photographers will do in order to get a cool picture, like putting your expensive gear into a pit thats over 100 degrees and could melt your camera. You would never do anything like that would you Blaine? All in all it was still fun. Heres some pics. Enjoy!!

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