Monday, October 30, 2006

The World.....

Is so much cooler when you see it through a lens!!! So this past Friday one of my wife's fiends got married down at Balboa Park, since my wife had to work that day we decided that I would ride down with her and she would drop me off at Balboa. I spent the ENTIRE day just walking around shooting all day long, what an amazing way to spend the day. I didn't spend a lot of time photographing the buildings or anything since that what everyone shoots, but I spent a lot of time in the botanical garden house and did a lot of flower pictures. It was fun.......and hot!! While I was in there I ran into a group of elementary students that were at the park learning about photography so they all had these little disposable film cameras and were taking pictures of everything. The teacher that was with them saw me and I hear this "kids were in luck!!! A real life photographer!!!" So there I was surrounded by little elementary school kids asking me all these questions, it was really cute. Afterwards my wife and I went to her friends wedding and it was in the Museum of Photographic Art........How cool is that? The wedding was fun, the museum was amazing albeit the exhibit right now has to do with the road to "El Norte". Basically its a documentation of what immigrants go through to get to the puts a lump in your throat to say the least and for me it was close to home. If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it but be forewarned it is depressing and I recommend some tissues. It was fun to spend time with my wife and actually go to a wedding with her, she usually goes a lone since I have always had to work or have had to shoot the wedding, it was a lot of fun. So yes, Friday was an amazing day. Hope you like the photos, and leave some comments people the keyboard doesn't bite you know. I will only post some on here the rest of them will be up on my EasySite so check there tomorrow to see all of them if you like. Until next time, Shalom.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Too close for missles, I'm switching to guns....

Yes, it was that time of the year again when all of North County gathers at Miramar and looks at all of the toys that the military has at its disposal. I went all day Friday and it was flippin fun.........mmmmmm the smell of exhaust and burned up jet fuel in the air. Planes roaring overhead making the ear bleed and the chest cavity does the heart good. The weather was rather bland as it was overcast all day, but what can you do you just gotta work with what you've got. The day was awesome, well except for the dumb announcers. Could they be any cornier?!?! Oh and the stupid gliders were not cool either, every year I dread the announcers sayin "now lets take some time to enjoy the quietness of flight and marvel at the grace that is the glider" ummmm how about NO!!!! I came here to watch stuff blow up and go deaf, not enjoy watching a plane do what a friggin bird can do and come down slowly. Oh every year I pray for a surface to air missile demonstration during the gliders flight time......but alas my prayers have gone unanswered thus far. So yeah the show was way cool and fun, but ill shut up now since im going to post A LOT of pictures. ENJOY!!!!! Shalom.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Its finally here!!!

Well the day has finally come and the new website is up and running!!!! Go and check it out, some of the galleries are still being worked on and so have little or no content in them, but they will be filling up soon. A special thanks to Dan Jarrett for designing the site and getting it up and running. He does great work, check him out if you're ever in need of good web work. Well its late so im off to bed for now go check the site. Hope you like it, Shalom.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Winter is coming...

Went shooting last night, and the air is starting to get that chilly feeling......mmmmmm I love that chilly air. Since we live in California we will never see snow, but that cold air sure feel night after our hot summer. Seeing as how the moon is nice and bright I went to the beach to shoot some pictures. I miss shooting at night im going to try to shoot as much as I can before the moon regresses back to nothingness. Here are some pics from last night, enjoy. Shalom

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Fishy Point of View III........Spawn of the Salmon!!!!

Yep, you got it......its time for another fisheye post!!!!! Ok, so I need to get a new wide angle lens cus I have been using my fisheye WAY to much. I love doing wide angle stuff but my fisheye is the only thing that I have right now that has a wide enough field of view to capture what I want. Oh well, soon enough. Ok so after the Padres game on Tuesday ( see post below ) we were walking back to the car and I decided to shoot some of the city as we were walking back. More experimenting really, but it was a lot of fun......have you noticed that I have "a lot" of fun whenever I shoot? yeah that was my Tuesday and to top it off mom bought me a Venti Green Tea Lemonade from Starbizzle..........mmmmmmmm. Out of the house all day, got to shoot, had a beer with dad and ended the day with Green Tea Lemonade only thing that would have made it perfect would be to have my wife there, because I did miss her. Mom and guys freaking rock!!!!! So here's the pictures from the end of the day, enjoy.

Play Ball!!!

That amazing guy next to me is my pops............dont lie, you know that you can see the resemblance!!!!!! Him and his family sort of "adopted" me when I first came to know the Lord and have been a very influential force in my life. Well on Monday mom called and asked if I wanted to accompany them and my brothers girl friend Julia ( or Julia Gulia as I call her ) to the Padres game on Tuesday. Now im not a big baseball fan, but ill jump at any opportunity to get out of the house these days, and I like to spend time with the parents.....theyre fun peoples. I know all you baseball fans out there hate me right now, apparently it was the playoff game or something against the bad the Padres got spanked!!!! Anywho, I watched about 5 innings and dad and I had a beer.....nothing like sharing fun times with the old man over some beer. After that I got bored, but lucky for me I had brought my gear, so I decided to go around and shoot some pictures. The day was absolutely gorgeous so it was a good time to be out and about. I didn't really have a specific goal as far as pictures went, so I did a lot of motion experimenting. It was a lot of fun, but it was kind of weird. The world post 9/11 is very different, and with the Patriot Act in place a lot of "high risk" areas aren't letting you shoot pictures. That includes stadiums and buildings where a lot of people gather, or power plants.....stuff like that. So I was always on the look out for security and waiting for someone to kick me out, luckily nothing happened and I happily snapped away. So here are the pictures from Tuesday..........hope you like them.