Friday, April 27, 2007

The Chan Man Cometh.....

Spent the afternoon with my buddy Michael Chan yesterday, Michael just bought a Nikon D200........mmmmmm Nikon. As with any newly married man on a budget he got the camera but alas no lenses. Luckily i have all Nikon gear so this was not a problem, so off to find something to shoot we went. After some searching we ended up in Oceanside Harbor and explored a little bit, after walking through weeds and broken glass we ended up under this bridge that the train crosses on. The place was pretty cool albeit it was pretty stinky, the day was nothing but clear skies and so this made for some boredom as far as pictures go. That bridge was pretty fun to shoot though and it was SUPER DIRTY so it was perfect. I mean whats more perfect than a crappy old bridge covered in rust and dirt and a bag full of camera gear? NOTHING!!! Thats what! Mr. Mike Baca was supposed to join us but he had a "gnarly paper" to write (his words not mine). Its ok Mike we had enough fun for you! Anyways, the day was a lot of fun, Michael i had a blast. I hope you enjoyed our little outing, i apologize if you got bored. Next time we will shoot something more exciting.....i promise. Heres some pics for you all. Enjoy!!

Decided to make the 1st picture look super old.......dont know why just thought it would look cool.

Oh By the way Michael has a blog as well, hes really creative and has got some cool stuff on there so you should check it out and leave him some love.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Of windy nights and failed attempts

So after a day of shooting bugs we went out after dinner to shoot what I had wanted to shoot the 1st time that we came to Palm Springs. When we were here last time I saw these massive fields of HUGE wind turbines that create electricity. I thought that it would be way cool to take some night time photos of them, unfortunately last time we were here I didn’t get the chance to shoot any of them. So tonight we went out to try some shots, unfortunately all the element were against me last night. It was super windy so there was a lot of sand flying everywhere. There were no clouds in the sky so it made the sky kind of boring. I thought that maybe I could do some star trails but the moon was out and made that really difficult plus the city lights put up a lot of light pollution. That doesn’t mean that im not going to try, I only managed to get only a 2 shots and neither are what I had envisioned. That’s alright though because I learned a lot and I will be ready for the next time that I come back and try again……….and don’t worry……..Ill Be Back!!! The other cool thing is that we met this train conductor named Bob, he was way chill and fun to talk to. Bob if youre reading this it was a great pleasure to meet you and im glad that we could provided at least a couple of minutes of entertainment for you. Heres the 2 photos from last night. Enjoy.

The not so living desert....

Jennifer and I went to this thing called the living desert yesterday afternoon, getting there was an adventure in itself. Google maps REALLY needs to update their maps or something cus all of the directions that we have gotten off of there lately take us WAAAAYYYYY out of the way to get to a place that like 2 miles away. So after getting lost and calling Jens brother William we were finally on track and on our way to this place. Basically its like the Wild Animal Park but it focuses on desert wildlife. We thought “hey its probably pretty cool” I wont say that the place totally sucked but it definitely was not as cool as we thought it could be. For one its not even half the size of the Wild Animal Park, the exhibits are really small so you feel kind of bad for the animals and it was really hot too so all the animals were asleep the whole time. It wasn’t all bad though cus they had this butterfly exhibit going on an I got really excited. I have been dying to try out this new toy I got (oh yeah I got some new toys, but ill update on that later) its called the Nikon R1-C1. Its this kit of 2 small wireless strobes that can attach to the front of the lens and are perfect for macro work. Do they work? LIKE A FREAKIN DREAM!!!!! We stayed until the place closed and had a lot of fun. When we got to the parking lot I saw these cool trees with yellow flowers. I knew they would be great against a yummy dark polarized sky mmmmmmmm delicious, I got off a couple of shots before leaving. That was pretty much our day and we went and hung out in downtown Palm Springs after that……..then we went to do some night shooting…….hahahahaha. Sorry for the long story, heres some pics for you. Enjoy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The return to Joshua Tree....

Yesterday we returned to Joshua Tree, since we had been there during the evening we thought it would be a good idea to return during the day. Good thing we ddi too because the day was gorgeous and there were some great big clouds so it made for some nice long exposures. It was a lot of fun to hang out there, we stayed there until nightfall and i got to redo a shot that i had tried last night that didnt come out the way i wanted it because im a bone head and made a gross exposure sure you will see which shot it was. It was unbelevably windy too, i could believe how strong it was. I only did one night exposure because the wind was so strong, plus it was FREEZING!!! I had been out there for about 5 minutes and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off. I keept looking for and hoping that i would find some bugs, like a Tarantula or something, but alas i didnt find anything. We still have one more full day here at Palm Springs so we will see what i get tomorrow, heres some photos. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gone Shootin........

TAX SEASON IS OVER!!!! Jen now has free time and we get to see each other more than just at dinner time now. So with all this time on our hands we decided to take a little vacation. We are currently in Palm Springs until Tuesday, last night was so much fun too. We went for a quick trip into Joshua Tree National Park and stayed until midnight. Had a blast doing some long exposure stuff and just tryinh out new stuff, were having a lot of fun and enjoying every minute of our time off. Heres some pics from last night. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Of windy days and flying hair.....

Did a shoot in downtown Oside today with my buddy John and his girlfriend Angela. Angela just so happens to be my neighbor as well, she also works for Cobian. They make some great flip flops so if youre looking to get a pair they are the people to go buy from. So ive been looking to do some shots to put in my portfolio and Angela and John were kind enough to be my subjects. You guys were awesome!!!! They were such good sports, especially since i like to shoot in some of the most dank places in Oceanside. It was super fun to shoot with them......oh and did i mention the wind? Yeah.....what the heck?!?!?! Freaking windy days all of a sudden, that part of the day was no bueno. Despite that we managed to get some cool stuff. Heres some pics and thanks again guys. Enjoy!!

Check back later as i will post more pictures soon.....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mr. Baker.......Episode III

Had another afternoon of shooting sports with Curtis Baker yesterday. Swimming and baseball were on the menu for the afternoon, it was way fun. Although the swim meet was WAAAAAAYYYYYY boring, there was so much time just waiting around for things to get started. Each sport created its own set of challenges.....i mean really how creative can you get with people swimming up and down a pool. But hey thats what makes the job fun right? Gotta find that angle that will just make the picture look cool. I also met a really chill photographer at the meet and got to talk for a while, it seems that he is also doing the mentoring thing with another student from Oceanside HS, the same thing im doing with Curtis. So with all that said heres some photos for you all. Enjoy!!