Friday, June 01, 2007

Return of the Bentley...

I am so behind on updating this thing its not even funny. Ok so a while back i did a photo shoot with my buddy Ryan Bentley, we met him and his wife at the you marrieds group at North Coast Calvary Chapel. Ryan is a very talented musician, he has a cd (buy it now!!!) out but he put his musical career on the back burner for a while. Well no longer ladies and gents, hes revamping his web site and on May 25th he had a little comeback show at the E Street Cafe in Encinitas. My wife and i went down to catch the show and as always i brought my gear did 50 other people. It was way fun, Ryan did a great job and the place was pretty much packed best of all he sold some merch.....woohoo!!! Lighting was terrible at this place but there wasnt much that could be done about that so we all just shot anyways. Heres some photos. Enjoy.

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