Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gone shootin....

Im up in San Jose right now with Jen. She has some training stuff for her work and i flew up here to meet her and hangout when she has time. Yesterday we decided to drive up to the Bay Area and see the Golden Gate Bridge. 1st off let me say this.....I HATE DRIVING THROUGH SAN FRANCISCO!!! That was possibly the most stressful and frustrating experience of my life. Not only is everything confusing up here, but everyone is super impatient and i kept getting honked at. Not only that but people are just DUMB, people would just cross in the middle of a busy intersection right in front of moving vehicles!!! Thank you GOD that shooting photos is such a relaxing experience for me, cus once we got to the bridge and i got my camera in my hands it was all good. I had never seen the bridge, but i will tell you that it was amazing, it is just so incredible to think of how this thing was built and just the incredible accomplishment that it was. It was seriously one of the most incredible things that i had seen, im glad that i had Jen there to share the experience with her and to be shooting with her. Thanks babe for putting up with me, i would be lost without my navigator. Heres some pics. Enjoy!!

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