Monday, February 23, 2009

Congrats to Callyn and Matt......

Ok so before i post the full engagement session from Christy and Noah i need to post the photos from Matt and Callyns wedding. Things have been busy and crazy since we bought the house, but these are way overdue and i really excited about their images. Their wedding was the last one that we shot in 2008 and man what a blast it was to shoot! If you follow the blog at all you may remember that i shot Callyns senior portraits a while ago, and if you remember that post you may remember me talking about the little rivalry that her and i have. All of the picking is really all in fun though and really i see Callyn as more of my little sister than just my friend. This probably explains why the day of her wedding there were some moments that i was literally holding back tears, having known her for so long and seeing her and Matt grow up and their relationship grow has been such a joy. Seeing her as my little sister and watching her take her vows really just brought it all home that shes all grown up, but really what an incredible honor to be asked to shoot such a special day. Everything was so fun and everyone was incredibly relaxed and laid back it was such an amazing thing to be around. Something really fun though, one of the grand parents had a DSLR and we had this little game of hide and seek going on where we would take pictures of each other pointing the cameras at each other......hahahaha to much fun. I could go on and on and this post could get mushier and mushier, but i think that its apparent that i am excited for both Callyn and Matt and that more anything i am very proud of you Callyn. If ever there was a couple that was "made" for each other its these two, so happy for you guys! Love you both!!

This post will contain an extra amount of deliciousness which means that theres a lot of photos. Enjoy!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Christy and Noah (coming soon).......

Ah yes Noah and Christy.........The She Hulk. Yeah youll want to stay tuned for this one.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yummy photos in a stinky place......

Ok so a few weeks ago i did an engagement photo with Liz and Kerry, now this was one that i was llooking forward to for a while. One because i love hanging out with Liz and Kerry and 2 because they decided to be brave and have their photos at the Salton Sea. Now if you have followed this blog at all you know that im a BIG fan of the Salton Sea, this place just feels like youre on another planet because its all deserted and run down. About the only down side to this place is the smell, i wont go into detail as to why the place smells but the simple explanation is that there are a lot of fish that die and wash up on shore. So as you can imagine all these decaying fish start to smell after a while, now yes i did tell Liz and Kery about this before the decision was made but i think it still took them by surprise when we arrived there. I will say that while i was excited to shoot there, the day of i was filled with a lot of disappointment. Having shot there before there was a certain expactation as to how it would all be, and basically everything was different. A few days before we were supposed to shoot there was a storm that had come through, this didnt concern me to much as i love having some sweet clouds to work with but i was concerned that all the rain would make the shores really muddy. Still we decided to shoot, the whole drive there i was really excited as there was no rain but there were some really SWEET clouds.........and then as soon as we hit Palm Springs.......CLEAR BLUE SKIE'S!!!! Bummer for me, oh well i thought, ill just make it work as theres plenty of stuff that we can shoot there. As soon as we arrived at our destination though i was bummed again, every other time that i have been there this place is deserted and we just happened to come on the ONE day that the ENTIRE PLANET was visiting the Salton Sea. After shooting for a bit we moved to another location that had some sweet run down buildings the last time i was there........except that now theyve been torn down!!! So with all the things that i expected to have to work with being gone i had a challenging time looking for cool stuff to shoot. Sometimes though those are the times when youre at your best since you have to think past the usual stuff that you look for and this was no different. We found some really cool locations to use and had a blast, Liz and Kerry were awesome to work with as they pretty much let me do whatever i wanted to do.We came away with some really sweet photos that i think looked really unique thanks to the amazing landscape at the Salton Sea. Of course i owe a HUGE thanks to my lovely wife who sacrificed her weekend to come with us and helped me so much with holding reflectors strobes and so on, things would have been so much more difficult without her there. So there you have it, as always i had a great time spending another day "working". Liz and Kerry.....thank you for being brave and making the day so fun, hope you guys enjoyed it too. Heres some photos. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Liz and Kerry......(coming soon)

Did an engagement with Liz and Kerry that was mmmmmmm delicious. Where you ask? Ill tell you soon, for now enjoy this sneak peek.

Slowly settling.........slooooowly

Wow!!!! time just fly's and fly's!!! I cannot believe that we are now in february and i am soooooo behind on everything!! Life has recently been consumed by moving unpacking and getting everything back up and running and yes this includes my office. After weeks now of working on projects around the house (which by the way NEVER end, you just keep finding new things to fix) i feel like im finally making some headway. The office is starting to look organized albeit still messy but its getting there, i finally have internet access again!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Alas my MacBook Pro is still a paper weight, this has only servd to slow m down lately as there is work on there that i really need in order to move forward on some things. So yes progress is being made, its slow but were getting there. Jen and i are all moved in to our new house and we LOVE IT!!! Still unpacking and organizing stuff but its all here in one place. I have been settling into my new homeowner duties around here such as cleaning, disposing of stuff, watering the trees, mowing the lawn, installing things, removing things and the list goes on and on. Jen has officially started tax season so now its up to me to make sure that the home life is as easy for her as possible. Anywho, i have photos and tons and tons of updates coming your way so sit tight, The next few weeks will be somewhat crazy but ill try to post as much as i can and put up some photos of the house. Until next time.......