Thursday, June 07, 2007

Joe the Pitbull/horse.....

I was at my buddy Shanes house a few nights ago and his brother has this pitbull thats like 8 months old. Well this dog is HUGE!!! I see it and im just blown away by how big he is and Shane says "oh hes only a puppy, hes still growing" WHAT?!?!?! "you mean it gets bigger?" I couldnt believe it!! I mean i think this thing should be classified as a horse not a dog! Yet a dog it is, and he is full of energy and loves to play. A dog that weighs about 80 pounds and is full of energy equals a wrecking ball made of flesh and bone. it was way fun to take pictures of him though, but i will say that it was a challenge. Heres some pics. Enjoy!!

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