Friday, May 22, 2009

Congrats to Natalie and Jake!!

On Sunday we had Jake and Natalies wedding, this was our second wedding of our long weekend. Im not sure if ill ever do that again cus at the end of the night my back was hurting really bad........getting older sucks. Most likely its more because im out of shape and need to work out........anwyho yes the wedding. SO MUCH FUN!!! Jake and Natalie got married in carlsbad, on the bluff overlooking the lagoon and a nice ocean view. The day was super fun and i really enjoyed my time shooting the guys and the girls, they were such a blast to be around. Shot a lot of stuff at the beach and at Jakes Grandmothers house in Carlsbad where the girls got ready. The house was pretty sweet and had a lot of really cool areas where we could shoot. We had tons of time throughout the day to shoot photos which made it really easy to get some sweet shots. Both Jake and Natalie were so fun and easy to work with to, super laid back really just let me do whatever i wanted. Ive know both of them for a long long time and it was so cool to be there capturing the day. Truth be told Jake is one of those people that i have always admired, as long as i have known him hes has always been so positive about EVERYTHING!! Such a nice guy to everyone with a HUGE heart for ministry and for people, hes always willing to go out of his way to help people in need. Truly a blessing to a lot of people in this world, Natalie i dont know as well but she is a sweet heart and like Jake has a heart for ministry. I will say this though, im glad that there are girls like her who are humble and modest to be an example to younger girls and to show them what it means to be a Godly woman. Thank you both for all that you do!!! We are so happy for you both!! I also want to give a shout out to Katrina Hodson who was the wedding coordinator, she did a fantastic job getting things going and keeping things moving all day long. All day i felt like i was well informed and taken care of. Katrina you did awesome!!!! Heres some pics. Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congrats to Liz and Kerry!!

Well our incredibly busy and crazy weekend is now over and here i am yet again, recovering and working on more images. As crazy as it was it really was a lot of fun to be there and share in our friends big day and such a blessing to be chosen to capture it in photographs. So 1st up is Liz and Kerry, they got married on Saturday at the Vista Optimist Club, the day was hot but gorgeous. Absolutely perfect weather for a wedding,this one was especially fun for me as i have known kerry and liz since they were in the HS group at church and all the way through college group when i was there as a leader and doing sound. I have been able to see their relationship from the very beginning and its growth to this inevitable moment. The wedding was awesome, lots of fun and so cool to see the whole day unfold. I better stop before i get all sentimental and this blog goes on for eternity, i will end with this though. Liz and Kerry, this may sound weird coming from me as i am not that much older than you guys but i dont know if i could ever truly express how truly proud i am of you both. Seeing you both grow in the Lord and seeing your relationship grow stronger everyday has been a true privilege. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and for letting us share in your big day. Heres a few photos from Saturday. Enjoy!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let the craziness begin!

On wednesday i did a senior portrait session for a lovely girl named Sofia. It was so much fun and a surprise too, before the shoot Sofia had told me that she might be a little "lost" in front of the camera since this was the 1st actual photo shoot she had done. To my surprise she did incredibly well, it all went so smoothly and felt like it was so little effort, her mom came a long and it was nice to have her there as she provided some candid moment for me to capture. We shot at the Bonsall Bridge ( i seem to be shooting a lot there lately), no complaints here though as i have enjoyed the challenge of trying to pull something fresh and new from the area. Sofia you did awesome!! Thanks for being such a great sport, im not going to write much more as i have to wake up early in the morning for a wedding and then we have a nother wedding on Sunday. Then more portrait work coming up and some stuff for the magazine and soon ill be in Hawaii for 3 1/2 weeks of time with my lovely wife and non stop is sooooo good! Heres a few photos from Wednesday, ill post some more after this crazy weekend is over. Enjoy!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Im proud to announce.......

The openening of the Flux Photography online store!!!! You thought i was going to say that jen is pregnant didnt you?! If you ever saw a picture in the blog or on the website that you thought you might want then now is your chance to get it right off the site. More picture are being uploaded everyday, so if you dont see one that you liked on there be patient and it will go up soon, or shoot me an email and ill make sure to put it up there. Location info is also being added to the photos, that way you know where it was taken and what exactly youre looking at. You can go to the Flux Photography website and click on the Store link at the top, or you can click on here and it will take you to the store . Come by and take a look, if there is anything that you se that needs some work or needs clarification then please shoot me an email. We strive to give you the best possible product while making your experience easy and enjoyable. Anything that makes it other wise needs to be worked on and we are more than happy to do so.

Friday, May 01, 2009


We are once again going to be at the Carlsbad street fair!!! We will have a booth on Roosevelt street North of Carlsbad Drive and South of Grand Ave. Like last year we will be selling lots of nature photos in 8x10's 11x14's and 20x30's, 8x10's and 11x14's are all matted and bagged and the 20x30's are framed. We will also be offering discounted prices on family portrait sessions, so come by and check us out and sty and visit. We would love to see you there!