Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Darkhorse cometh......

So Friday night i was able to go down to Soma in San Diego and shoot a Hardcore metal show for the band Darkhorse. It was so much fun, and these guys are seriously talented. I love shooting shows and this one was no different........except that metal shows the crowd is seriously crazy. Its insane to see what happens in the mosh pit.....sorry guys but i wasnt allowed to take pictures. I was a little bummed by the fact that 1) i couldn't get onstage and shoot, and 2) the security guard only let me shoot 2 and a half songs from the pit area in the front. All in all i was grateful that i was able to shoot at all, there were some other people there to shoot the other bands but they weren't allowed to shoot any pictures or video. Anywho, if you like Hardcore screaming get your adrenaline flowing, grow hair on your chest and make you crazy so you can go and kill people like you were a viking metal, then you should check out Darkhorse cus these guys seriously rock. I leave you now with highlights from the show. Shalom.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Congrats Joe & Bi-Mia....

Last Saturday I had the privilege to shoot the wedding of one of my brothers close friends. The wedding was in the morning at North Coast Church, we didn't have a lot of time to shoot because of the time constraint but still managed to get some good shots. The wedding was small but intimate, it was a lot of fun to shoot. I leave you with some pics of the day and congratulation to Joe and his lovely bride, may the Lord bless your marriage.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I love the smell of gasoline in the mornin...

Ok so it wasnt during the morning, but if it was then i would love it. So every year Vista closes of its "downtown" area (its about the size of a postage stamp mind you) and host the annual Vista Rod Run.....oh oh oh. I absolutely love Hot Rods, and i tell ya to see all these beautiful cars all gathered together in one city block is a drool fest for me. I serioulsy salivate at this show........nice mental picture isnt it? There is just so much testosterone in the air, hearing all these cars rev up their engines, smelling the fumes, there's greasy meat for sale at outrages prices, i could hear myself getting fatter just by looking at the stuff. Oh its glorious!!!!!! Its one of the things that i truly look forward to shooting every year, so in the past couple of days i got to shoot a rock concert and a hot rod show........mmmmmm life is good, me happy injun. This year i was a little bummed though, because i have been soooo busy that i completely forgot about the show, luckily someone reminded me about it......but then i thought that the show went on until sunset. It did not, so my lovely wife was kind enough to drive me down the street to it so i could get as much time as i could to shoot. As it was i only had an hour before it was over and then it turned out that they start to pull out about half an hour before the official close time.......SOOOOOO i had about 10 nanoseconds to shoot any pictures. No im kidding i had like 15 minutes, i was dissapointed, BUT!!! it was a great 15 minutes and i got to snap off a few shots. My apologies for not having pictures of the whole car, but i like to photograph really close me weird but thats just how it is. At any rate i hope you like them.......leaave comments and share your thoughts. Shalom.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Glory of Loud Rock...

So on Thursday night the Jordan held a benifit concert for local outreach and missions. It happened after the Jordan service and went till about 11:30, well i love doing sound for concerts so i did sound for this one. Now at first i was kind of PO'd cus i already had to come in in the morning that day and then i found out the week before that theres this big concert going on and i was going to have to stay es bueno. Yet despite my crappy attitude i had a lot of fun and of course God being who He is put me in my place. HE likes to show me how small i am and remind me that im working for HIM....oh well, im cool with that. So yeah, the concert was a BLAST!!!! Three bands played, Fairlane, Thieves and Liars, and Long Live Logos. All three did awesome......and of course you know me i brought all my gear. I havent had a chance to shoot for a while cus i have been so busy so there was no way that i was going to pass this chance up, plus i love shooting live shows. I wasnt able to get pictures of Long Live Logos and thats becuse i was inhaling some hot dogs, hey an Indians got to eat too you know. I was a little preoccupied since i had to make sure that everything sounded alright and shoot pictures, so this is not my best work. I hope you have fun looking at them though cus i had a lot of fun taking them. Shalom.

These are pics. of Thieves and Liars, pictures of Fairlane will be up soon.