Sunday, March 15, 2009

Staff photos.....with a dash of zo.....

So a while back i was asked by the Jordan staff ( the jordan is our college ministry at North Coast Church, i do sound for them. Just to give you a little background ) asked if i would be willing to shoot their staff photos for the new website. This of course sounded like a lot of fun, but i cant say that i jumped at the idea. After 10 years of ministry, and several years of taking a break i have been SLOWLY getting myself back into it. My time is something that i guard closely so i have been very careful as to what projects to take on. I have been there doing sound for them for a little over a year now, and while the process has been slow i am slowly starting to feel like this is a ministry that i can call home. I have enjoyed some long and insightful conversations with the staff that have helped me get to this point, and looking back on all of it i know that this is where God wants me to be. I have enjoyed a real connection with the staff and with the students and have also enjoyed being a part of the ministry in this time of transition. The staff have all made an effort to make me feel like am a part of the team and while i am not an official part of the staff they certainly make me feel like it. Anywho, so after much consideration i decided that yes i would shoot the staff photos and i am glad that i did. The afternoon was a BLAST, it was great to hang out and have fun, joke around and laugh, and it was fun to share with others something that i am very passionate about. Heres some photos from the shoot, i hope you like them. Enjoy!!

The Jordan staff is: Elise Boggs, Brett Best, Andrew Polfer, Jen Polfer, and the incredible Scientific Smith. These guys are an amazing team and a huge blessing to the college students that attend the Jordan. Seldom have i seen such an incredibly creative and talented team work so well together. Thanks for all you do guys, youre amazing.