Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our growing family....

No jen is not pregnant! We did however add an adorable four legged creature to our family, thats right we got a 3 month old puppy! He is a german shepherd lab retriever mix and he is incredibly adorable! We had talked about getting a dog for a long time but i dont think that either of us were really ready for the time commitment it was going to take. As the months went on that desire grew more and more and we began looking more seriously. Jen would look on the website for the shelter EVERYDAY to see if they had any puppies that we would like, of course they are all cute so it was hard not to go and get one right then and there. Ultimately we decided that we would get one after our trip to North Carolina. Sure enough, jen had found a litter of puppies and filled out an application and we went all the way down to mission bay at 6 in the morning to meet them. We saw the puppies and one of them came up to jen right away.........we knew right away that he was the one we wanted. We took him home with us and he slept the whole way home. Slowly he's getting used to the house, learning what not to do and all of the fun things that go with training a is a little exhausting at times and hard to get work done. All in all we are blessed to have him and we love him to death, hes fun to have around, mellow, likes people, really curious, playful and very loving. Hes only been with us a few days but already i cannot imagine life without him. We finally decided on a name a few days ago, we named him Koa. Its Hawaiian for "brave one", although right now its more of an oxymoron than an actual statement of fact cus he whimpers a lot and is afraid of everything. Some of you have already met him on Facebook but for those of you who have not let me formally introduce you to Koa! Heres a few quick shots ive been able to get in the past few days. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congrats to Becky and Jesse!

Before it gets any later i wanted to make sure that i posted this wedding cus it was all kinds of awesome and im really stoked to be working on the images. Ive known Jesse and his family since Jesse was in the 5th grade, in fact i was Jesse's 5th grade sunday school teacher when i used to work at North Coast Church. Yes i felt a little old that day. The wedding was awesome! Becky and Jesse found this sweet park out in San Marcos, it had tons of trees everywhere and lots of green grass. It was fun hearing their story to in better detail, i think they have one of the coolest stories of any couple that i have met. Everything was perfect! I was really impressed by all of the little details and decorations that they had done. The day was a lot of fun! I could go on forever but i know youre all here to look at pictures. So here you go! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

North Carolina Raptor Center...

The day after Thanksgiving Danny, Marci, Jen and myself all went to visit the North Carolina Raptor Center. I really enjoyed this place because i LOVE birds of prey. The center is dedicated to rescuing injured raptors and nursing them to health so that they can be released into the wild. They also take time to educate people about these amazing birds, about their habits, the areas that they inhabit, and what they can do to save them. The birds that are at the center are all birds that for one reason or another had injuries that they could not fully recover from and therefor cannot be released into the wild. While it was somewhat heartbreaking seeing these incredible creatures injured and caged it was fascinating to see them up close. We also got a real great treat while we were there. They had a raptor show in their little auditorium, the show consisted of all owls but while they were preparing there was one of the volunteers there with a hawk. She was answering questions from the audience and before she left she asked if we wanted her to feed the hawk. It was unanimous that we all wanted to see the hawk eat something, it was pretty gruesome to see this hawk literally tear its food apart but i could watch it all day long.........jen on the other hand didnt enjoy it all that much. The owl show was awesome because these guys were so much fun to watch, they have such fun personalities and do the funniest things sometimes, it was really entertaining. Most of the birds i had to photograph through a fence which was a little difficult but i still managed to get some stuff i was happy with. After that we went to a place called the Whitewater Center, its an olympic training facility and they have a TON of activities there which include whitewater rafting , kayaking, mountain biking, zip lines, rock climbing and others that i cant remember. We walk some of the trails and went down to the river to catch the sunset, i only shot a few photos there, some of which i am still working on but i will post more when i get them done. Like i said before one of my favorite things from this excursion was watching that hawk being fed, so we will start with that.........ENJOY!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving in North Carolina!

I know that this is late and i havent been updating the blog, my apologies to you all. Jen and i flew out to visit my brother and his wife here in North Carolina, we flew out thanksgiving day and so we had Thanksgiving dinner a few days later. Danny and Marci took us to their church that morning. They go to a Messianic Jewish church, the service was a lot of fun and was really refreshing for me. After the service we came home and my brother began to prepare dinner. I had never realized really how much of a good cook Danny had become until now. He made a delicious dinner! We had a blast hanging out with a bunch of his friends from his church, meeting new people, enjoying the warmth of my brothers friends and community who have all been incredibly welcoming to us. Anywho, we have had a blast so far and are a little sad that our time is coming to an end, many more posts are coming so stay tuned.