Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cody & Kate

Yesterday i did an engagement shoot with my buddy Cody & his lovely fiance Kate. The weather was nothing to write home about about, especially since its freakin California. Yet despite the gloominess we still had a ton of fun!! Well at least i did, Cody & Kate were so much fun to hang out with and made it so easy to get some cool pictures. Since the weather was so blah i decided to shoot close up a lot more than i usually do, i think it paid off pretty well. I cant wait to shoot your wedding you guys, thanks for making the afternoon so much fun. heres some photos. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The sandal is afoot....

So i was finally hired by Cobian sandals to do a shoot for their catalog. I shot some of the shots for their kid section, ill tell ya, it was A TON OF FUN!!!!! Exhausting as it was to follow these 4 kids around who have boundless energy it was soooo worth it. Not only were these kids so much fun to work with but they were all super cute and made for great subjects. I was pooped at the end though, long gone are the days when Lorenzo was able to run all over the place and not get tired, now im just fat and the thought of getting up to get water makes me tired......ok not really. A huge thank you to my neighbor Angela for continually pushing her boss to hire me, youre the bomb Angela i owe you one. Heres some pics. Enjoy.

While im not one to shoot sunsets very often this one was just cool to pass up......the end of a very cool day.

Out and About...

yes ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true. Lorenzo Menendez has left the heavy duty moccasins at home and traded them for comfortable flip flops to drive in. Yeah you read it correctly, its no typo, the state of California has reached the conclusion that i am safe enough to be on the road by myself.......muahahahahahahaha.......fools. just kidding, anywho, with this new found freedom and the ability to go wherever i darn well please i went out to shoot my little heart out....that sounds so wrong. Actually once i arrived home from the DMV i had no idea what to do with myself, the possibilities were endless and my brain just went into overload. It was a lot of fun to be out on my own, windows down, music blasting, camera gear ready to shoot. long gone are the days of Zo riding the bus (aka the loser cruiser) and taking FOREVER to get anywhere. Expect a wider variety of photos in the coming months. heres some pics for you in the mean time. Enjoy!!

The front yard is alive....

Sweet lord!!! Its been way to long since i have updated this thing, well i have a ton of stuff to post so ill try to keep these short. With warm weather approaching there have been many a bug (spiders to be more accurate) that have come out to chill in the front yard. well little do they realize that i have also been out there to do some portrait sessions, its been way fun to find these spiders and stay out there all night. i will admit though that my brain plays tricks on me while im out there in the dark. whenever a branch or leaf brushes against my hair i swear that theres a spider crawling on me just waiting to turn me into a snack. yeah i know one spider probably wont kill me, but you know that once i go down that thousands will just come out to snack......hahahahaha im dumb. Heres some pics. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Sunday was way cool, it was a beautiful day. Nice California weather signaling the return of Summer, clear blue skies, its the reasons why other people leave their fridgid homes and come to live here. So with this great weather we headed out to the Cbad Street Fair and scoped that out for a couple of hours, after that the fam headed to Starbucks for some yummy ice cold drinks. This was only part of what made the day great though. For you see on this gorgeous California day plans had been set into motion, plans that change the life of a man forever. It was on this day that my buddy Shane took that step forward, one knee to the earth and a tiny box in his hand and asked that question that makes a mans heart skip a beat as he awaits the answer........SHE SAID YES!!! i had been "commissioned" to put my Indian hunting skills to use and Shane and i had it planned that i would be there at an appointed time and place to document the event. With my gear and my hunting prowess i signaled that i was ready and hid where i would not be seen.....muahahahahaha it worked perfectly!!!! Sara was completely unaware of my presence, and i watched the event unfold. It was awesome because Sara was TOTALLY clueless about the whole thing and thought that it was just a random walk on the beach. We didnt get to shoot anything right after because they had to get to an engagement party (Sara was completely clueless about this as well) but hopefully we can do an engagement sesh soon. Congratulations you guys!!!! We are way excited for you two. Heres some photos. Enjoy.

Mama Wilsons backyard..

Went to my in laws house a couple of days ago for a relaxing afternoon of bug hunting. They have a cool backyard with tons of plants and when i was scouting the area a few months ago there were a bunch of spiders around. So i have been meaning to come back to shoot some cool bugs, fate would have it though that when i finally return to find some bugs i only find one lousy spider. While i was disappointed at the lack of insects to shoot the afternoon wasnt a complete loss. like i said there are a ton of plants, provided by the family green thumb Papa Wilson, and all these plants made for some fun shooting. While my wife and her parents stayed indoors watching what was apparently HILARIOUS home videos i was outside lying in the dirt taking detail shots of.........stuff. What does this mean? It means that i had a very splendid afternoon. Heres some photos. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

An untimely demise....

If you hav ebeen following this blog at all......well if you are a regular here let me take this opportunity to say thank you for your interest and support, i hope that you have enjoyed the photos thus far. Ok so if youve been a regular you probably remember that a few weeks ago i found a beehive in the front yard under the water meter cover. I seem to be a magnet for bees these days, anywho, i went to check it out a few days ago and saw that there was caution tape around the area and some kind of white residue. When i lifted the cover i found that the honeycomb was there but the bees were all dead. I was kind of bummed but i guess it was necessary, well i decided to go out there today and take some shots. I know i know, the bees are all dead....what can you possibly find to shoot out there. Im fascinated by this stuff though, let just say that im fascinated by this incredible world that we live in and the fact that even in death these creatures provide something facinating and interesting to shoot. I couldnt help but admire the complexity of the honeycomb, all these little compartment was amazing. It truly is incredible to see that even in the simplest creatures there is an enormous amount of complexity whether it be in design or behavior. Dead things werent the only thing that i photographed though, i found 2 really cool bugs out there. All this macro shooting gave me more chances to try out the little strobes i just bought......amazing little things. Anyways, heres some photos. Enjoy.