Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Congrats to David & Julia. Episode II

Ah yes, the final phase of the wedding plan has come to fruition. On Sunday we had the reception for David & Julia, they got married about a month ago and decided to keep the ceremony to imediate family only. The reception was a lot of fun and tiring my face was tired just watching David & Julia greeting and smiling at everyone. All went really well, and will say that both David and his lovely wife weathered it well, its been a long week for both of them. Between all the fires going on, a loss in Julias family and then the reception i was truly amazed that everyone was in high spirits. For some odd reason when im at a reception i always have something taht pops into my head that i want to share. Same thing happened at my brother Danny's wedding, i wasnt able to share at either one for various reasons so i will say something now. If youre here for pictures just scroll past this cus im about to get personal.

I could not have imagined better brothers than you and Danny, its has been an incredible honor to be considered your brother. Through the years we have had our ups and our downs, the times where we seem to see eye to eye on just about everything and the times were we annoy one another and we dont talk all that much. We have been through our growing pains and that is something that i doubt will ever end, but going through those trials i do not fear. For i have seen the man that you are are throughout the years, a man a of strong and Godly character and the desire to help people discover their potential and to push them forward. I know that the bond we share goes far beyond friendship and that despite whatever life will throw at us to tear us apart it cannot be broken. While im sure that there are many that see the fact that you call me your brother strange, i cannot tell you how much it has meant to me that you call me that without hesitation. Your unwavering faith in God and uncompromising character have been a shining light to me and something that i will always admire in you. Know that i love you without question and pray that someday i can inspire you as much as you have inspired me.

A more perfect match for David we could never find. Distance has kept us from truly getting to know you, something that we hope to change very soon, but despite that obstacle we see an incredible amount of great qualities in you. i know that as we get to know you more we will see even more of what David sees in you. In the short time that i have known you i can say for certain that you truly are a great woman. I make that statement not just from the things that i have seen in you but also because i know that David would not enter this stage in his life lightly. Furthermore, i have seen the changes that have transpired in David himself since you have entered his life. Such changes do not come easily for a man, and i can say from experience that a man very seldom changes his ways until he is in the presence of someone greater than he. Know that we love you Julia and hope that as time goes on that we will get to know you even more. We are excited to have you in our lives and look forward to the the future.....welcome to the family.

I pray for a long and healthy marriage for you both, i say healthy and not happy for happiness is but a fleeting emotion. One that we can pursue tirelessly and never find fulfillment in, it is only in God that we truly find happiness and when we can appreciate what HE has given us. I pray for patience, strength and perseverance and a constant reminder that God is always with you. For in time we all come to find that we need more than love to get us through this journey, when the horizons turn dark and you see the storm coming it is our devotion to God and our commitment to each other that helps us to keep moving forward. We look forward to many years of frienship with you both, i can only hope and pray that our paths will continue to travel side by side through this short moment that we call life. Maybe we all travel well.....

Let the nerd fest begin!!!!

Ok so these photos are so overdue its not even funny!!! These are actually of my brother Davids bachelor party who recently got married. So you may ask.....what do a bunch of christian guys whos brother doesnt drink and is about to get married do for a bachelor party? Well taking into account that all of us are nerds to some degree (some of us have achieved a greater level of nerd than others, an Uber Nerd if you will) theres only one thing TO DO.........food, caffeinated beverages, and games!!!! So we played this game called Pit, its the only card game that i will ever play and let me tell you it is INTENSE. Basically you have to trade with each other, well just follow the link to read the rules, but there are no turns so you all play at once. The amount of yelling that ensues is nothing short of incredible, especially from me since im a huge loudmouth and i yell at the top of my lungs. Its seriously incredible fun and in my opinion its a workout cus i always end up sweating during the game. Punches to the face, kicks to the head, weapons of mass destruction are all perfectly acceptable while playing pit, ok its not but i wouldn't put it past us. So after the scream fest we were all tired and decided to play some games on the Wii, this is were David decides to tell us that "oh i dont own one im sure ill get beat easily". Yeah, why dont you just hand us some bull crap on a platter David? My brother is a computer genius (remember Uber Nerd, consider yourself introduced to him) if David had any kind of super power it would be that he could make machines do his bidding.......oh wait he already does that. So yeah, we played some games on the Wii and David killed us all, i still think that he linked his brain to the Wii via Wi-Fi and learned all the secrets of the games that we were playing therefore defeating all of us with ease........cheater. Ok so with all that said heres some photos.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Something scary this way comes...

With Halloween just around the corner i thought it fitting to put up a nice "scary" looking post. Lucky for me me there were some really sweet dark clouds over the moon tonight......so i just had to take some shots. It didnt last vry long som im glad i caught it when i did. I hope you enjoy the photos.......and if you find yourself walking down some road late at night and you feel like something is after you dont look back.........there might be something there. Muahahahahahahahahaha.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Heartbreaking Beauty

I finally ventured out yesterday to take some photos,i have been dying to go out and shoot. Of course since the news kept saying to stay off the roads and to stay indoors i didnt go out to shoot. Now that was difficult to do, i dont much enjoy staying inside when theres pictures to be taken, but i also dont enjoy being an idiot either. So i was a good little boy and did what i was told. Yesterday i decided to finally go out since things seemed to be calming down again, it was a lot of fun. Its really eerie though you just cant beleive what youre seeing, and they way the the camera is capturing images is really weird to. Colors are all funky some really dramatic and other just blah, i shot a bunch of stuff. Didnt really have a set goal so i just shot what i saw, if youre wondering about the title. While watching that huge red sun set and go below the horizon can be breathtaking its important to remember that the beautiful sight we are enjoying came at a great price. Its easy for me to just focus on how cool something looks, may we never forget the hell that some people are going through right now. My prayers are with you all that have lost much and are taking your 1st steps towards rebuilding your lives.

Blaine & I's mutual friend...

As i said i went out to photograph some of the dramatic red light that we have had because of the smoke in the air, so i went to Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad. Soon as i get there i spot our mutual friend, its some guy with this beat up and rusted VW Bus. Blaine did a post about it a while back, and its so funny cus it seems that everybody and their mother has seen this van at the beach. I took some photos of it but quickly stopped as i spotted the owner inside the van giving me the evil eye, Blaine got some sweet shots and mine aren't as good as his but its fun to have the saga continue. While im on the subject of Blaine, i wanted to ask all of you who read my blog to keep him and his wife in your prayers. They will be embarking on an amazing trip that will span several months and continents, they are traveling around the world pretty much. I will say that i am slightly jealous, of course the world is a very different place these days. Carrying around expensive camera gear is not to be taken lightly because of thieves and such. Then theres the health factor, they have been vaccinated for just about every microbe known to man but theres always that chance. So i just ask all of you to keep them in prayer while they are gone, things to pray for are of course safety, heath, continuing strength, and that they still love each other when they return.........JK. Keep them in mind and follow the link to blaines blog him and bethany (his wife) are INCREDIBLE photographers. Im sure he will have some mind blowing stuff on there soon.

In the front yard yet again....

Man i cant even think of the number of images that the fron yard of my place has yielded, im sure it is to numerous to count. So i went out to shoot some of the smoke and coll sun that we have had lately. Of course i had to check the mail and was greeted by yet another beauty. Enjoy!!

What in the?!?!?!

Last weekend....now wait the weekend before last.....sometime this month within the confines of the beggining of the month and now we went up to Santa Monica. We actually went to Hollywood 1st up to the Chinese theater and to see the star walk, we were up there with Will and Casie. The little trip was a lot of fun, but i will say that the LA area is full of WEEEEIIIRD people! I had my gear with me but really didnt shoot much, it probably had something to do with the fact that we left early in the morning and i got like an hour of sleep. So all day i was incredibly tired and wasnt really up to shooting, holy cow though there are so many people up there. We checked out the Chinese Theater and outside of the theater theres all these people who dress up like movie characters. These guys are swindelers too, they let you take a picture with them and then AFTER the picture is taken they tell you that they do it for money.........how about i kick you in the head instead? I would have taken some sweet photos of some of these people, but i only had a wide angle lens on my camera and i didnt want to get near any of these people.....their just creepy. Especially this old guy who was dressed up like dracula who i swear to you was looking for someone to kill. We mostly just chilled the whole day, went to the Santa Monica Peir wich was cool. After that we ended our day byt going to ummmm hey Will what the name of the town? UCLA was in that town so wherever that is, anywho i did some shootin around there and now working through the photos i cant believe how incredibly random my shots are sometimes. I was tired so ill blame my suckitude on that one factor. I could go on forever but i have other blogs to write, so ill leave you with photos, youll notice that for some reason i was facinated with that white tower thing......dont ask me why i just was.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pretty Exciting!!!

I dont know if you have been keeping up with this blog or not, but if you have you might remember a few post i did a while back. They were shoots that i had done for a local publication, at the time i wasn't allowed to say which publication this was as the magazine wasn't going to be published for a while. Well it finally came out on the 16th, the magazine is Encinitas magazine, they are operated by the same people that put out Carlsbad Magazine. If youre from the Cbad area you might remember seeing one of my night photos in a past issue. This little journey with Encinitas Magazine actually began al most a year ago, they had me go out to Paul Ecke Ranch (HUGE poinsettia farm in Encinitas) to take photos of their operation their, this was way before their 1st issue was ever published. This was all done in anticipation of their holiday issue to be put out this year (the current issue), this year it was really kind of hit and miss with them since every time i got an email with a possible assignment i was already booked. But i kept sending emails and checking in periodically to see if they needed me to shoot anything and sure enough they had some stories they needed photos for. They have been keeping me nice and busy, and i absolutely love doing this freelance stuff cus its a lot of fun. So the exciting thing is that i got a BUNCH of my photos in this issue not only that but they gave me the COVER!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I dont have a good shot of the cover yet but i will post all the other stuff for now, im looking forward to shooting some more for them and i excited to venture out and pursue some more freelance work.......wish me luck or even better keep me in your prayers. Enjoy!!!