Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Hawaii photos you say?!?!

Well i can certainly provide :) Heres a small collection of photos from my recent trip to the islands, been pleasantly surprised with the stuff that i have gotten from my trip. I said before that at 1st i was worried since it felt like i had not shot as much as in previous years. I think that the discrepancy is to to 2 big factors 1) the weather on the Big Island 2) Being much more aware and picky about what i shoot and at what times of the day that i am shooting. So while i didnt come back with as many photos the quality of them is definitely better and i dont have to work as hard on them once i get them into the computer. thank you all for following along with all the recent posts, i have several more that i am working on. For now feast on these. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hawaiian Adventure continued.....

Well i continue to sort through and process the photos that i took on my recent trip to the islands. So far its been pretty fun looking through what i got and evaluating how well i captured my images and what things i can do differently next time. I came back from the trip a little bummed that i didnt get as many photos as i had in previous years because of the bad weather but i have been pleasantly surprised to see that this was not the case and i have more good photos than i originally thought. As a warning to all of you, i will be posting a lot more hawaii photos in the next few weeks. So if youre sick of seeing hawaii photos please feel free to not follow along, i wont be hurt. They say that every photo has a story behind it and i can tell you that this is very true, and while i could sit here and tell you the story behind every photo we would be here forever. I know youre all just here for photos so here you go. Enjoy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A new blog post this way cometh.....

A new post will be coming your way later today with more hawaii photos. Stay tuned :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hawaii.....The Panoramas

One of the things that i have really gotten into and have enjoyed shooting is Panoramic photos. The beautiful landscapes of the Hawaiian islands really lend themselves well to this form of shooting. While i can pull of a Panoramic photo there are still many issues to work out and its an area that i continue to grow in. Here are some of the panoramas that i have currently worked on and are pretty much finished........but im sure that ill go back and re-edit them or scrap them all together. Enjoy!

The photos are actually links, please click on them to view them larger

Ahukini Landing 2011 pano1

Waimea Canyon Panorama


old mamalahoa stream panorama

Old Mamalahoa Pano 2

Isaac Hale Jungle Pano

Kauai.....the family photos

Life has many many blessings, we have been privileged to have experience a great number of them. This year we were blessed beyond measure to once again be able to go back to hawaii, but even greater still we were able to fly out my mom and one of my sisters to join us. My nephew and brother in law came along as well, it was incredible to be able to share such a beautiful place with my family. On top of that i am grateful to be a photographer because it gives me the ability to capture many of our silly moments and great adventures forever. all in all i have very little to complain about, my life is really something like a wonderful dream. even in its darkest and most frustrating moments there is more to be grateful about than not. Here are some of our wonderful moments from our time in Kauai, ill update this post with more photos as soon as i edit more. Some of these are re-edited photos from earlier posts. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in the office

Im back in the office now, no trips are planned until december when we go to australia for a month.......unless we take a spontaneous road trip or something. Anyway, i have been looking forward to being back in my office and spending sometime going through some of my images from hawaii. I have been editing and re-editing some of the images that were previously posted on the blog. I hate to edit on my laptop, but its nice to have the ability to update the blog while on vacation to let people know what we are up to. Those photos are always posted as a disclaimer though, letting them know that they are not the final versions. Now that im back in my office i can edit in a much more controlled environment where i have my monitor calibrated and ambient light under control. So since im pooped and i know you came here for pictures ill leave you with photos from Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai. Some of these are re-edits and other are new ones. Enjoy!