Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shauna the Magnificent...

So Shauna and my wife have been BFF's since well forever, ever since Jen and I started dating Shauna was there. Shauna is how can i put this? Well shes crazy, but not like crazy in a bad im coming to kill you crazy. Its a good kind of crazy, the person who is full of boundless energy, is up for doing anything, loves life and is always looking for the next adventure, doing crazy whacky things just for the sheer joy of it not taking into account that you might look like a total fool.......all those things are pretty much rolled into one package called Shauna Salerno. But you know, i must say that despite her incredible love for life its not what makes her such a great woman. You will never meet a more dedicated and Godly woman, if youre a person in need Shauna is the person there giving you all her time to help or just to listen. youre a person who is shy or doesnt make friends easily? Shauna is the one that there reaching out to you, introducing you to everyone she knows, her ability to reach out and makes friends with just about anyone seriously astounds me. If there is anyone that i think embodies the Lords ability for caring and reaching out to those who are hurting or outcast its Shauna. Needless to say i have a great admiration for how she is with people. My wife and i are quite prod of her right now because after years of hard work and schooling Shauna is now Graduating from Biola University and her being the 1st member of her family to graduate from college this is quite an achievement. With being close to graduation she wanted to send out invitations for it but of course you need some sweet photos to go a long with it as well........and that were i came in. My wife Shauna and myself hung out all day together and had a photo shoot in the afternoon with some incredible skies i might add. It as incredible fun and we got to do some photos with her and jen (those are coming soon) as well that were a lot of fun to do. All in all it was a great day! Were proud of you Shauna!

this is a concept that i have always liked but have in no way mastered.....i will keep trying.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Amazing Makenna.......

How incredible was this shoot?!?! On a scale of 1-10 it was about a billion+1! Seriously Makenna? A-MA-ZING! She seriously did soooo incredibly well. Super relaxed, laid back, very natural in front of the camera. She made my job so incredibly easy for me and it allowed me to do my job in a much more relaxed state of mind. Not only that but putting up with me and my weird ideas is always a challenge im sure, but she did very well. As you will see, yes these were shot at the Bonsall Bridge. While im not a big fan of using a location more than like 4-5 times (i get really bored really quickly) i was still up to the challenge of trying to pull something new from the location. So i played around with multiple strobes, using different lenses, really just pushing the limits of what i know and what my equipment can do. All in all it was a great afternoon, lots of fun, many things learned and more importantly we came away with some sweet photos. Really thankful that the weather held, i was worried that it was going to rain before we got to shoot. Makenna you did awesome thanks for being such a good sport, heres a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Senior portraits are my new favorite thing to shoot i think, really fun and i can be creative with them.