Monday, September 29, 2008

Congrats to Troy and Lucy

Shot a super rad wedding on the 21st, really nice and casual down at moonlight beach. The weather was beautiful albeit we had super harsh sun teh whole time. But i dropped kicked the crappy lighting in the head and made it submit, the whole day was awesome. Troy is actually Shelleys older brother and Shelley (whom i have know for years and years) is Josh's basically we all know each other well. It was great to be there with close friends and see some that i had not seen in a while, Troy and Lucy where so laid back about everything it made the day fly by and easy to shoot. Thanks both of you for letting us share your special day, you guys are awesome. Heres a few of my favorites......Enjoy!!!

and of course no wedding would be complete without a healthy dose of cute babies. heres one of the cutest ones just happens to be my buddies little girl Rebecca.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The amazing Thad Nakao...

Very few times in life do you get to meet a true artist, not just someone who has incredible talent but someone who is always in the constant pursuit of perfecting their craft. Thad is one of those few people who i would consider true artist, hes a tattoo artist that i met on Kauai a few years ago. At that time it was just a chance meeting as i was looking at getting a tattoo done and Thad came highly recommended. I had no idea at the time that over the years we would develop an ongoing friendship, Thad also loves photography, but the bond we share goes beyond similar interest in photography. I came to find that made us good friends was our similar views when it comes to our work. We both relentlessly pursue more knowledge in our fields, are never satisfied by what we do, are constantly experimenting and devote enormous amounts of time to what we do. This last trip to the island was great because i got to spend a lot more time talking with Thad and getting to know him and what drives him and came to appreciate his artwork all the more. I could go on and on like this, but i will say this, by far he is one of the most talented tattooist that i have met. His devotion to his work and the quality of it is uncanny, if you want someone who will not just give you a tattoo then i highly recommend that you go and see him if youre ever on the island. Truly what makes Thads work special though is that he makes you feel like you are special and unique and truly makes getting the tattoo a memorable experience. Check him out, I guarantee that you wont be disappointed. These few images are quite dark and in black and white, as we both enjoy the simplicity of B&W and love making things dark. Enjoy!!!

Check out Thads MySpace to see more of his work.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The return.....

Yes as you already know (if you read the previous blogs) i returned to Kauai for a week, while it was still fun this trip was more oriented towards shooting more images for my portfolio. I spent a lot of time driving around looking for places to shoot, made some connections that will hopefully prove to be advantageous, shot some photos for the resort we were staying at and got a free week there (that one is thanks to dad and his never ending and amazing networking skills). On top of that i had a blast in the process, got to hang out with many local people, hung out with my buddy (and tattoo artist guru) Thad Nakao and i went scuba diving for the 1st time.........i think i might have found another expensive hobby....hahahahaha. So basically it all means i went to bed very late and got up early for some morning light........the latter part of that sentence didnt happen all to ofen but when i did it was extremely difficult. My wife was unable to join me on this trip, this proved to be much more difficult to endure than i had anticipated, so this time i got to go with my mom and dad. Had a nice time shooting with my dad at a botanical garden close by, he made a joke that i would probably only move 5 feet and find something cool to shoot for the next half hour.......i proved him dead wrong when i moved 20 feet and spent the next 45 minutes there. All in all it was a very productive trip, and as always it was very difficult to leave. Now im back and looking the mountain of editing that i have to finish square in the face........BRING IT!!!!

A little backwards....

ok so i know that i still havent posted any pictures from the week that Jen adn I were on Kauai, and i already went back to the island and am back. So this is going to be a little backwards as i have already posted pictures from my most recent trip there, but i still wanted to post the other ones. So basically jen and i were on Kauai for a week a little over a month ago, it was an amazing time. Rented a jeep to drive around the island and drove that thing around with the top down almost constantly, the funnest thing though was driving around and getting rained on with the top down. This was one of my goals while we were there, i know its not a very difficult to achieve since it rains all the time but still something fun to experience, plus i can now cross that off my list of things to do before i die. Snorkeled a ton, went i a short and very muddy hike, ate a mango that fell off of a tree and much much more. This time around we decided to explore more of the west side of the island which was awesome as it provides a different color palette than what we had captured before. Our week there was super relaxing and fun beyond words, as always our time came to a close and it was very hard to leave. I know i did a day by day breakdown for our week on the Big Island, and i was planning on doing that for this one too......but to be honest i just write to much and its just way to much work to do it that way. So this way works out a lot better, less reading for you and tons more photos. Enjoy!!