Friday, October 26, 2007

What in the?!?!?!

Last wait the weekend before last.....sometime this month within the confines of the beggining of the month and now we went up to Santa Monica. We actually went to Hollywood 1st up to the Chinese theater and to see the star walk, we were up there with Will and Casie. The little trip was a lot of fun, but i will say that the LA area is full of WEEEEIIIRD people! I had my gear with me but really didnt shoot much, it probably had something to do with the fact that we left early in the morning and i got like an hour of sleep. So all day i was incredibly tired and wasnt really up to shooting, holy cow though there are so many people up there. We checked out the Chinese Theater and outside of the theater theres all these people who dress up like movie characters. These guys are swindelers too, they let you take a picture with them and then AFTER the picture is taken they tell you that they do it for about i kick you in the head instead? I would have taken some sweet photos of some of these people, but i only had a wide angle lens on my camera and i didnt want to get near any of these people.....their just creepy. Especially this old guy who was dressed up like dracula who i swear to you was looking for someone to kill. We mostly just chilled the whole day, went to the Santa Monica Peir wich was cool. After that we ended our day byt going to ummmm hey Will what the name of the town? UCLA was in that town so wherever that is, anywho i did some shootin around there and now working through the photos i cant believe how incredibly random my shots are sometimes. I was tired so ill blame my suckitude on that one factor. I could go on forever but i have other blogs to write, so ill leave you with photos, youll notice that for some reason i was facinated with that white tower thing......dont ask me why i just was.

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