Friday, October 26, 2007

Heartbreaking Beauty

I finally ventured out yesterday to take some photos,i have been dying to go out and shoot. Of course since the news kept saying to stay off the roads and to stay indoors i didnt go out to shoot. Now that was difficult to do, i dont much enjoy staying inside when theres pictures to be taken, but i also dont enjoy being an idiot either. So i was a good little boy and did what i was told. Yesterday i decided to finally go out since things seemed to be calming down again, it was a lot of fun. Its really eerie though you just cant beleive what youre seeing, and they way the the camera is capturing images is really weird to. Colors are all funky some really dramatic and other just blah, i shot a bunch of stuff. Didnt really have a set goal so i just shot what i saw, if youre wondering about the title. While watching that huge red sun set and go below the horizon can be breathtaking its important to remember that the beautiful sight we are enjoying came at a great price. Its easy for me to just focus on how cool something looks, may we never forget the hell that some people are going through right now. My prayers are with you all that have lost much and are taking your 1st steps towards rebuilding your lives.

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