Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Congrats to David & Julia. Episode II

Ah yes, the final phase of the wedding plan has come to fruition. On Sunday we had the reception for David & Julia, they got married about a month ago and decided to keep the ceremony to imediate family only. The reception was a lot of fun and tiring my face was tired just watching David & Julia greeting and smiling at everyone. All went really well, and will say that both David and his lovely wife weathered it well, its been a long week for both of them. Between all the fires going on, a loss in Julias family and then the reception i was truly amazed that everyone was in high spirits. For some odd reason when im at a reception i always have something taht pops into my head that i want to share. Same thing happened at my brother Danny's wedding, i wasnt able to share at either one for various reasons so i will say something now. If youre here for pictures just scroll past this cus im about to get personal.

I could not have imagined better brothers than you and Danny, its has been an incredible honor to be considered your brother. Through the years we have had our ups and our downs, the times where we seem to see eye to eye on just about everything and the times were we annoy one another and we dont talk all that much. We have been through our growing pains and that is something that i doubt will ever end, but going through those trials i do not fear. For i have seen the man that you are are throughout the years, a man a of strong and Godly character and the desire to help people discover their potential and to push them forward. I know that the bond we share goes far beyond friendship and that despite whatever life will throw at us to tear us apart it cannot be broken. While im sure that there are many that see the fact that you call me your brother strange, i cannot tell you how much it has meant to me that you call me that without hesitation. Your unwavering faith in God and uncompromising character have been a shining light to me and something that i will always admire in you. Know that i love you without question and pray that someday i can inspire you as much as you have inspired me.

A more perfect match for David we could never find. Distance has kept us from truly getting to know you, something that we hope to change very soon, but despite that obstacle we see an incredible amount of great qualities in you. i know that as we get to know you more we will see even more of what David sees in you. In the short time that i have known you i can say for certain that you truly are a great woman. I make that statement not just from the things that i have seen in you but also because i know that David would not enter this stage in his life lightly. Furthermore, i have seen the changes that have transpired in David himself since you have entered his life. Such changes do not come easily for a man, and i can say from experience that a man very seldom changes his ways until he is in the presence of someone greater than he. Know that we love you Julia and hope that as time goes on that we will get to know you even more. We are excited to have you in our lives and look forward to the the future.....welcome to the family.

I pray for a long and healthy marriage for you both, i say healthy and not happy for happiness is but a fleeting emotion. One that we can pursue tirelessly and never find fulfillment in, it is only in God that we truly find happiness and when we can appreciate what HE has given us. I pray for patience, strength and perseverance and a constant reminder that God is always with you. For in time we all come to find that we need more than love to get us through this journey, when the horizons turn dark and you see the storm coming it is our devotion to God and our commitment to each other that helps us to keep moving forward. We look forward to many years of frienship with you both, i can only hope and pray that our paths will continue to travel side by side through this short moment that we call life. Maybe we all travel well.....

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