Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let the nerd fest begin!!!!

Ok so these photos are so overdue its not even funny!!! These are actually of my brother Davids bachelor party who recently got married. So you may ask.....what do a bunch of christian guys whos brother doesnt drink and is about to get married do for a bachelor party? Well taking into account that all of us are nerds to some degree (some of us have achieved a greater level of nerd than others, an Uber Nerd if you will) theres only one thing TO DO.........food, caffeinated beverages, and games!!!! So we played this game called Pit, its the only card game that i will ever play and let me tell you it is INTENSE. Basically you have to trade with each other, well just follow the link to read the rules, but there are no turns so you all play at once. The amount of yelling that ensues is nothing short of incredible, especially from me since im a huge loudmouth and i yell at the top of my lungs. Its seriously incredible fun and in my opinion its a workout cus i always end up sweating during the game. Punches to the face, kicks to the head, weapons of mass destruction are all perfectly acceptable while playing pit, ok its not but i wouldn't put it past us. So after the scream fest we were all tired and decided to play some games on the Wii, this is were David decides to tell us that "oh i dont own one im sure ill get beat easily". Yeah, why dont you just hand us some bull crap on a platter David? My brother is a computer genius (remember Uber Nerd, consider yourself introduced to him) if David had any kind of super power it would be that he could make machines do his bidding.......oh wait he already does that. So yeah, we played some games on the Wii and David killed us all, i still think that he linked his brain to the Wii via Wi-Fi and learned all the secrets of the games that we were playing therefore defeating all of us with ease........cheater. Ok so with all that said heres some photos.

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