Monday, October 15, 2007

Ive got tone.....FOX ONE!!!

So we got some rain here in SoCal on Friday night, that means that we had some nice yummy clouds for the arishow on Saturday. Yes day 2 of the show was just fantastic some of the acts had to be restricted a little bit since the clouds were so low but it still went on. Caught some more shtos of the Thunderbirds and i will say that their show was definitly better the second time around. Shoting was fun, although having all those clouds presented one little challenge, the exposure range was huge!!! The planes would fly from one side which had broken up clouds and a very bright sun, to the other side that had a solid wall of dark grey sky. That was a fun little excersise in trying to figure out what to go for, but once that part was figures out it was just a matter of staying on my toes and taking some shots. I got a shot as 2 of the planes crossed each other but right as i take the shot this guys head pops right into my field of view...........bitterness. What can you do though? Saturday the show went on until nightfall so i went around and shot some long exposure shots which were a lot of fun. I stuck around for the night time show but honestly it was kind of dissapointing, all the planes kept having technical malfunctions (mainly the jets) so most of them just did one pass and then landed. By then i had been there for so long i was over it and decided to leave......and wouldnt you know it they had a huge fireworks display. I was already out the gates though and wasnt about to lug all my gear back to shoot, plus Jen and Will and Cassie had coem out to join me and we were all tired. I guess i know for next year, actually this year i didnt shoot nearly as much as i have in years past. Theres only so many ways to shoot static displays and such, all in all it was an awesome show at Miramar. Heres day 2. Enjoy!!

Parting shot.......another beautiful evening in SoCal

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