Friday, October 19, 2007

Pretty Exciting!!!

I dont know if you have been keeping up with this blog or not, but if you have you might remember a few post i did a while back. They were shoots that i had done for a local publication, at the time i wasn't allowed to say which publication this was as the magazine wasn't going to be published for a while. Well it finally came out on the 16th, the magazine is Encinitas magazine, they are operated by the same people that put out Carlsbad Magazine. If youre from the Cbad area you might remember seeing one of my night photos in a past issue. This little journey with Encinitas Magazine actually began al most a year ago, they had me go out to Paul Ecke Ranch (HUGE poinsettia farm in Encinitas) to take photos of their operation their, this was way before their 1st issue was ever published. This was all done in anticipation of their holiday issue to be put out this year (the current issue), this year it was really kind of hit and miss with them since every time i got an email with a possible assignment i was already booked. But i kept sending emails and checking in periodically to see if they needed me to shoot anything and sure enough they had some stories they needed photos for. They have been keeping me nice and busy, and i absolutely love doing this freelance stuff cus its a lot of fun. So the exciting thing is that i got a BUNCH of my photos in this issue not only that but they gave me the COVER!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I dont have a good shot of the cover yet but i will post all the other stuff for now, im looking forward to shooting some more for them and i excited to venture out and pursue some more freelance work.......wish me luck or even better keep me in your prayers. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations brother. that's really exciting. you're shots look incredible in that magazine.

blaine said...

dude, that is SO sweet!!!

your pics look great in that layout and stuff. congrats on getting published in there... and on the freakin cover. dang, i'm jealous!