Thursday, May 03, 2007

An untimely demise....

If you hav ebeen following this blog at all......well if you are a regular here let me take this opportunity to say thank you for your interest and support, i hope that you have enjoyed the photos thus far. Ok so if youve been a regular you probably remember that a few weeks ago i found a beehive in the front yard under the water meter cover. I seem to be a magnet for bees these days, anywho, i went to check it out a few days ago and saw that there was caution tape around the area and some kind of white residue. When i lifted the cover i found that the honeycomb was there but the bees were all dead. I was kind of bummed but i guess it was necessary, well i decided to go out there today and take some shots. I know i know, the bees are all dead....what can you possibly find to shoot out there. Im fascinated by this stuff though, let just say that im fascinated by this incredible world that we live in and the fact that even in death these creatures provide something facinating and interesting to shoot. I couldnt help but admire the complexity of the honeycomb, all these little compartment was amazing. It truly is incredible to see that even in the simplest creatures there is an enormous amount of complexity whether it be in design or behavior. Dead things werent the only thing that i photographed though, i found 2 really cool bugs out there. All this macro shooting gave me more chances to try out the little strobes i just bought......amazing little things. Anyways, heres some photos. Enjoy.

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