Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The sandal is afoot....

So i was finally hired by Cobian sandals to do a shoot for their catalog. I shot some of the shots for their kid section, ill tell ya, it was A TON OF FUN!!!!! Exhausting as it was to follow these 4 kids around who have boundless energy it was soooo worth it. Not only were these kids so much fun to work with but they were all super cute and made for great subjects. I was pooped at the end though, long gone are the days when Lorenzo was able to run all over the place and not get tired, now im just fat and the thought of getting up to get water makes me tired......ok not really. A huge thank you to my neighbor Angela for continually pushing her boss to hire me, youre the bomb Angela i owe you one. Heres some pics. Enjoy.

While im not one to shoot sunsets very often this one was just cool to pass up......the end of a very cool day.


nellie and i said...


i love these pictures! wow, it is cool to see how having a subject within a subject ( or rather "on" subject ) really inspired your work. i love these!


Anonymous said...

Anne sent me your website to check out your pics! These pictures of the kids are ABSOLUTELY DARLING!!! You do an AWESOME job!!! This is DEFINATELY your "CALLING"! Hugs, Aunt Laura