Friday, April 27, 2007

The Chan Man Cometh.....

Spent the afternoon with my buddy Michael Chan yesterday, Michael just bought a Nikon D200........mmmmmm Nikon. As with any newly married man on a budget he got the camera but alas no lenses. Luckily i have all Nikon gear so this was not a problem, so off to find something to shoot we went. After some searching we ended up in Oceanside Harbor and explored a little bit, after walking through weeds and broken glass we ended up under this bridge that the train crosses on. The place was pretty cool albeit it was pretty stinky, the day was nothing but clear skies and so this made for some boredom as far as pictures go. That bridge was pretty fun to shoot though and it was SUPER DIRTY so it was perfect. I mean whats more perfect than a crappy old bridge covered in rust and dirt and a bag full of camera gear? NOTHING!!! Thats what! Mr. Mike Baca was supposed to join us but he had a "gnarly paper" to write (his words not mine). Its ok Mike we had enough fun for you! Anyways, the day was a lot of fun, Michael i had a blast. I hope you enjoyed our little outing, i apologize if you got bored. Next time we will shoot something more exciting.....i promise. Heres some pics for you all. Enjoy!!

Decided to make the 1st picture look super old.......dont know why just thought it would look cool.

Oh By the way Michael has a blog as well, hes really creative and has got some cool stuff on there so you should check it out and leave him some love.


Anonymous said...

these look awesome! i had a great time shooting with you yesterday. we must do it again sometime.


blaine said...

i definitely dig that old lookin one! nice idea.