Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out and About...

yes ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true. Lorenzo Menendez has left the heavy duty moccasins at home and traded them for comfortable flip flops to drive in. Yeah you read it correctly, its no typo, the state of California has reached the conclusion that i am safe enough to be on the road by myself.......muahahahahahahaha.......fools. just kidding, anywho, with this new found freedom and the ability to go wherever i darn well please i went out to shoot my little heart out....that sounds so wrong. Actually once i arrived home from the DMV i had no idea what to do with myself, the possibilities were endless and my brain just went into overload. It was a lot of fun to be out on my own, windows down, music blasting, camera gear ready to shoot. long gone are the days of Zo riding the bus (aka the loser cruiser) and taking FOREVER to get anywhere. Expect a wider variety of photos in the coming months. heres some pics for you in the mean time. Enjoy!!

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