Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The front yard is alive....

Sweet lord!!! Its been way to long since i have updated this thing, well i have a ton of stuff to post so ill try to keep these short. With warm weather approaching there have been many a bug (spiders to be more accurate) that have come out to chill in the front yard. well little do they realize that i have also been out there to do some portrait sessions, its been way fun to find these spiders and stay out there all night. i will admit though that my brain plays tricks on me while im out there in the dark. whenever a branch or leaf brushes against my hair i swear that theres a spider crawling on me just waiting to turn me into a snack. yeah i know one spider probably wont kill me, but you know that once i go down that thousands will just come out to snack......hahahahaha im dumb. Heres some pics. Enjoy.

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