Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Sunday was way cool, it was a beautiful day. Nice California weather signaling the return of Summer, clear blue skies, its the reasons why other people leave their fridgid homes and come to live here. So with this great weather we headed out to the Cbad Street Fair and scoped that out for a couple of hours, after that the fam headed to Starbucks for some yummy ice cold drinks. This was only part of what made the day great though. For you see on this gorgeous California day plans had been set into motion, plans that change the life of a man forever. It was on this day that my buddy Shane took that step forward, one knee to the earth and a tiny box in his hand and asked that question that makes a mans heart skip a beat as he awaits the answer........SHE SAID YES!!! i had been "commissioned" to put my Indian hunting skills to use and Shane and i had it planned that i would be there at an appointed time and place to document the event. With my gear and my hunting prowess i signaled that i was ready and hid where i would not be seen.....muahahahahaha it worked perfectly!!!! Sara was completely unaware of my presence, and i watched the event unfold. It was awesome because Sara was TOTALLY clueless about the whole thing and thought that it was just a random walk on the beach. We didnt get to shoot anything right after because they had to get to an engagement party (Sara was completely clueless about this as well) but hopefully we can do an engagement sesh soon. Congratulations you guys!!!! We are way excited for you two. Heres some photos. Enjoy.


blaine said...

round of applause for the indian hunting skills!!!

Lorenzo Menendez said...

why thank you sir......when the injun is on the prowl he is sure to get his prey *prepares to throw spear*