Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mama Wilsons backyard..

Went to my in laws house a couple of days ago for a relaxing afternoon of bug hunting. They have a cool backyard with tons of plants and when i was scouting the area a few months ago there were a bunch of spiders around. So i have been meaning to come back to shoot some cool bugs, fate would have it though that when i finally return to find some bugs i only find one lousy spider. While i was disappointed at the lack of insects to shoot the afternoon wasnt a complete loss. like i said there are a ton of plants, provided by the family green thumb Papa Wilson, and all these plants made for some fun shooting. While my wife and her parents stayed indoors watching what was apparently HILARIOUS home videos i was outside lying in the dirt taking detail shots of.........stuff. What does this mean? It means that i had a very splendid afternoon. Heres some photos. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

that picture of the white "exotic penis flower" is the most striking plant picture that i've ever seen.

you rock!