Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well this is my very 1st blog ever, so i guess ill just introduce myself. I am Lorenzo Menendez, i currently work at North Coast Church in Vista California as a sound engineer and oversee their weekend operations. I have been there for over 9 years now and i love what i do, but all good things must have an end. I will be done at North Coast in October of this year, at that time i will begin to pursue one of my biggest passions............photography. I hope to make a living at it and God willing i will, so soon i will be venturing into the great unknown. For now i am still at church and they keep me busy, but i am looking forward to moving on and beggining a new chapter in my life. Ok so more stuff about me, i am HAPPILY married to a BEAUTIFUL woman named Jennifer. She has been a great encouragement to me and the only reason why i am able to pursue my passion, she is the best friend that i have a nd a great inspiration. I love the Lord without Him i would not have my wife and for that reason i am eternally greatful. I think im done for now, i will use this blog to post many of the photos that i have taken i just bought a new camera so i am shooting a lot and i love it. You can also visit my site if you like fluxphotography.easysite.com or if you want to just chat then email me zonager@gmail.com or find me on myspace just look for zonager, i would love to talk to you. Well shalom for now, keep checking back for updates i will try to keep them as current as possible.


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