Saturday, May 27, 2006

The smelliest place on earth...

No not Disneyland!!! Although it very well could be but that is a topic for another blog, I mean the Wild Animal Park. My wife and I love to go to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, its always fun and good practice for shooting. So why is it the smelliest place on earth? Well just think about it.....all those animals living there well they gotta eat. Over the course of the day their meals turn to CACA!!! and it decides to make it debut to the world. Oh its always an adventure walking along and all of a sudden that nasty aroma and I do mean nasty just greets your nostrils. It hits you like a friggin semi, a semi that's carrying poo!!! Aside from it smelling like caca we love to go there, so we were there yesterday. Still getting used to the camera so its a learning process. So today there's 2 post, just because pictures are fun. Enjoy and Shalom.


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