Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Job NR......

Well for all of you digital photographers out there, you probably know what that means. If you don't then don't feel bad, it simply stands for Noise Reduction. So what the heck does it mean? Well in the days of shooting film you could do a 1 hour exposure or longer and have not problem if you used a low ISO film, you could do star streaks and it would look great. Now with digital you can still do long exposures at low ISO's, the only problem is that the longer you leave the shutter open the more noise or grain builds up on the image. With my D1x I could do 3 minutes tops, any longer and the image would become useless......but now I have my D200 and I have been dying to do a really long exposure with it. Yet the weather has sucked it up lately and we have been having this overcast crap hanging around........CURSE YOU MARINE LAYER!!!! The last couple of nights we have had pretty clear skies at night, so yeap I was at it again tonight. I went to the font yard and pointed the camera towards the sky and then the marine layer started to roll in......whatever. I did manage to pull off a 12 minute exposure though and although the image itself sucks because of light pollution and power lines in the frame I am still excited. 12 minutes and the image looks clean, I cant wait to try some longer ones. On an even more exciting note my fisheye lens is coming this Wednesday, I'm hoping to be out and about the next couple of nights to take some images.......here's hoping that the skies remain clear. Here is the image from tonight......good night to all.


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Anonymous said...

this was handy.
im oding a half hour exposure right now in country south australia and the lack of ambient light should produce reat results!