Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I like bugs...

Yes I know 2 post in one night, I'm addicted what can I say. So, Sunday night I was doing sound for the Jordan and after I was done I was going to my office to put away some stuff. Well I was about to open the door to go in and I realize that there is something REALLY loud out here and the noise is coming from the bushes at my side. Now being a nerd and reading books about bugs I know that certain hopping insects (such as crickets) make loud noises at night, but this thing sounded like it had just taken some speed or crack or something. So I did what any curious person would have done...........I decided to look for the bloody thing. There I am a 6' 0" 200 plus lbs looking through these bushes trying to find some weird insect so I can take pictures of it, all the while people are walking by looking at me like I'm an idiot. They were like "did you lose your keys" and I would say all excited "NO I'm looking for a bug that's making noise" at which point they would look at my like I'm some psycho who has no life. Ok so I find this thing and it realizes that its been found because once the light hits it he decides to shut up. Its like a dear into headlights "OH crap!!!! I'm in danger so I will sit totally still and hope nothing happens" no you stupid bug, maybe you should have kept your butt quite so I couldn't find you in the 1st place. If I had been a hungry bird he would have been dead!! To make a long story short, I found the bug, took pictures, and got made fun of by people walking by. All of those people are now dead, dropped kicked in the head by my loyal illegal immigrant ninjas, because you know if you mess with one bean you mess with the whole burrito. With that said here's some pics.


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