Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bug porn....

Yes its a weird title, no I'm not some creep that's into porn. So why the title? Ok well, about a year 1/2 ago I bought my 1st digital body the Nikon D1x. Well, I like to do a lot of macro photography (that's extremely closeup photography for all of you who are not photographers) and what better thing to take closeup photos of than bugs. So I go out to this field on the side of the road on Melrose and I start looking for bugs to photograph. To every one that's driving by it looks like some big fat hairy Mexican is out on this field doing something weird, like drugs or something. While I am a big fat hairy Mex and I was doing something weird I was not doing drugs. So there I am, my head sticking out over the tall grass, and I'm having a blast taking some pictures of all these bugs. As I'm about to pack up my gear I look at this bush and what do I see? 2 bugs going at it!!! So I took some pictures, right as I'm doing this my wife calls and asks what I'm doing. I answered the only way I thought how and said "I'm shooting some bug porn" silence..........ummmmm ok. So I had to explain what I was doing, it was funny. Anywho, I went out last night at 2 am (yes 2 in the butt freakin morning) and I went looking for bugs......what can I say I'm weird and I get bored easily. I'm looking through the front yard found a spider to take pictures of, and then moved on to this pine tree. I'm looking around and what do I see? 2 moths going at it!!!! So I took some pics.........for the record I am not a weirdo well maybe I am but if the Discovery channel can broadcast this filth then so can I. Must be over 18 to view pics.........ok not really. Enjoy........sickos.


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blaine said...

hey i ain't a sicko. i'm just checkin out your blog. i believe the photographer is the sicko in this case. sicko.