Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The UPS man came with gifts....

So I have been ordering stuff like crazy lately and today the last of my new toys came in. Back in the days of shooting film I had and still have a 15mm fisheye, I love that lens and gives such an extreme perspective on the world. Well when I went digital you would think that I could use the same lens right? Not so, see with digital there's a little cropping factor going on and while I wont go into technical details it simply means that my once glorious 15mm fisheye was not so glorious anymore. While I can still use the lens the angle of view is a lot more narrow, and it is not so wide anymore what was once a 15mm is now a 22.5mm on my digital body. Canon addressed this issue and decided to put out full frame cameras, Nikon went the other direction and made smaller lenses, this can be very annoying since I have to spend more money to have what I once had........but such is life. Well today was a very exciting day, cus I've been tracking the progress of my package like every 20 minutes. Maps strewn about, compass in hand and indian spies across the country telling me where the UPS truck was I was able to triangulate the exact location of the truck........who needs satellites and the internet when you have indians tracking your crap. OK not really, anywho the package finally came, I laughed I cried hugged the UPS was a very emotional moment he ran after that. I now have fisheye capability back and it is sooooo glorious, expect new pictures up soon. In the mean time here's a little view with the new lens and some of the lens itself. Shalom.


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