Tuesday, May 16, 2006


No not the president (although he was one cool dude) but the band Roosevelt . I went into the Studio a couple of weeks ago and shot some pictures. Why am I posting pictures that are a couple of weeks old? Well I have no good reason besides that I'm a lazy Mexican, so I finally got off my fat can and finished them. These are actually the very 1st images that I shot with the D200, it was a lot of fun. I was really excited because I can now take the flash off of the camera and fire it off wirelessly.......Yeah I know you dont care. This is huge for me though because now I can put the flash wherever I want, it gives me so much more creative control. The best part is that I can have I think 4 groups and each group can have 6 strobes (that's a flash for all of you non photo peoples). Yeah yeah yeah I know I'm a nerd, I drool over the possibilities of what I can now do with my new camera. The recording studio is called Ground Level Sound and is operated by the master of sound himself Alan Dicato. This guy is a GENIUS and if you ever need to go back in time then call him because he could probably build you the flux capacitor from a stick of gum, some led lights and a toothpick..............alright he cant build the flux capacitor but he can make you a killer recording. If you are a band or know of a band that needs recording then you should call him up and hire him, he is pretty reasonable. Anywho here are some pics, hope you like them.


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