Thursday, January 06, 2011

my brother from another mother

im not really sure how this got overlooked and didnt get blogged but here we are. anyway, couple months ago i shot ethan and acacia's engagement photos, i had a great afternoon shooting and hopefully they did too. ive known ethan since he was just wee lad, and his family since before i was a christian. we have a long history together and they took me in for a few months after i moved out of my parents and was looking for a place to live. in those few months i grew closer to all of them, so much so that i call Darla and Bob mom and dad and ethan and shane are really like brothers to me. for me it has been a great pleasure to know ethan and it is with a great sense of pride that i call him brother and truly am proud of the man that he has become. acacia i havent known as long but we have an.......well an interesting relationship, shes as blunt and as stubborn as i am and im well im zo so whenever you put us into the same room its like something out of an old western or something. we see each other across a dusty room, catching each others eyes squinting with bitterness at one another and exchanging that non verbal "i see you and i will destroy you before the evening is over!" hahahahaha it really is all in good fun though, i love her to death and can see the positive changes in ethans life because of her. then theres joe, the dog that ethan got as a small puppy that has now grown into a gigantic dog!! and you know he eats EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!! all these things came together and made for a very fun shoot, im really looking forward to their wedding (cool fact: they are having a cigar bar at the reception.....uh YES PLEASE!) tried a few different things on this one too. laid off on the post processing a bit and actually attempted some HDR stuff with it too, pretty happy with them but ill let you guys be the judge. ENJOY!!

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