Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Appreciating what i have....

I love to travel, right now we are in the planning stages for our big trip to Australia at the end of this year. Sometimes though my desire to travel to faraway lands consumes me and i stop seeing the incredible beauty thats right in my own backyard. Its really easy to see faraway exotic places as beautiful but we easily lose sight of the beauty that we are treated to every day. In these 80 degree days in the middle of winter and while the rest of the country is either being rained on or being turned into an ice cube i hope that we can take a look at the things around us and take in the incredible beauty that we are fortunate enough to have. These images are taken all over carlsbad, some of them are old files that for one reason or another i really didnt know what to do with them before. Years of shooting brings experience and growth and you learn new techniques to edit photos and i now have many more tools to bring out the best in these photos. Ill keep posting some more pictures to this post so keep your eyes open. For now enjoy these!

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