Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning new things!

man i have neglected this blog for a while........ill have to make sure to keep it updated on a regular basis this year. i hope everyone had a great christmas and i wish all of you a great new year. for a long time now i have been reading up on a form of photography called HDR. i have been pretty opposed to HDR photos for a while because they all look very processed and weird to me. there havent been many who in my opinion have been able to pull it off well, still i have been tempted to try and see what i could do with it. i have attempted to do HDR photos a few times but every time i went to edit the photos it just took forever, all the programs i tried had clunky interfaces or were just really difficult to learn. let face it i dont want to be in front of the computer all the time editing photos so doing these had to be an easy and somewhat quick process. well one of the beautiful things of the digital age is that programs are always pushing boundaries and getting better and better. an HDR editing program came out recently that really made the process simple and quick most importantly though it made the process kinda fun. in my spare time i have been trying out some old photos and making HDR versions of them, as with anything its all a learning process and im still learning how to make the process better and learning how to make my photos look more natural. my first few attempts were just gross and really looked over processed so i went back read up on a few techniques and tried again. while im not completely satisfied i think the newer versions look a lot better. heres a few photos for you to enjoy, if you have any questions or have an opinion please email me or leave a comment. Enjoy!


Megan B.B. said...

I think these are amazing! Do you ever sell any of your prints?

Lorenzo Menendez said...

Hi Megan! Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. We do sell prints, if you're ever interested you can email me at