Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another perfect afternoon....

The Lord continues to grace SoCal with warm days right smack in the middle of winter, while the rest of the country freezes here we sit in perfect beach weather. We continue to have our own little slice of paradise and its right in our back yards, i continue my journey to grow as a photographer. Trying to go out as much as i possibly can and not go to my typical spots such as the beach or a field or something else i typically gravitate to. It doesnt come without its challenges though, theres work that needs to be done and i have to think a head of time to think through where i want to be and at what time. Along with that i have found it difficult to break myself of shooting all digital files, i have been using my film camera and continue to work through that roll i loaded last week. Its difficult though when you are used to the incredible convenience of digital, i have also found it difficult to keep myself to just 36 exposures, although i will say that because of shooting film i have slowed down considerably and am thinking through every photo i take. This i am incredibly grateful for, the process has been a lot of fun for me but has its moments of frustration (mostly with myself) but i continue to grow and work on getting better. Here are a few from yesterdays outing. Enjoy!

oh and for those who are curious i shot 63 digital files, its almost 2 rolls. While its over my 36 shot limit it is still a lot lower than what i usually came back with. So its progress albeit slow, but i continue to be hopeful that i will be able to stray within my limit in the very near future.


Unknown said...

Loved the grass shot. It was beautiful how the light depicted each piece :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see how you work and learn so much!