Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ahh the little things.....

Those who are close to us know by now that my mom is currently living with us, Jen and i had talked about having her live with us for a while. After much prayer and thinking through things we had decided that it wasnt the time to do so, a few months ago her situation changed and we decided that it was time to offer up our place. The story and reasons as to how this all came about are numerous but we would be here fore ever. Most people when they hear about the whole thing have one universal question "hows that working out for you?" Honestly i have to say that everything is going great! My mom and i have always had a precarious relationship, and we have always butted heads because of our differing points of view. It doesnt help that we are both incredibly stubborn and i am very outspoken on my points of view, but in recent years there has been an effort on both sides to appreciate one another and so far we have reached a point of equilibrium. The other inevitable question is directed towards jen since shes now living with her mother in law and the stereotype is that such a situation would be terrible. Jen has LOVED having her here and they get a long really well, and my mom loves to help out with everything that she can. So all of that to get to my point, but really i couldnt do this without giving you some backstory. One of the great things that has come with my mom living with us is having my sister and her family around. I love my sister a great deal, i appreciate her honesty and bluntness but more than anything i see everything that she has been through and how hard shes had to fight to get were she is now. Since my mom moved in shes been coming over every week and we all hang out and have dinner together, more than anything though i love to see my little nephew and see him grown up. I must admit that i LOVE being an uncle and having him around more puts in the "spoiling"mindset and like to find little things to get him for when he comes over. It also prepares me for when we have our own kids, this year is jen and mines last hoorah before we have kids of our own. Yesterday my sister came over and had to leave with my mom shortly after, this was the 1st time that my nephew Gio said "can i stay with Tio?" i will admit that i loved hearing that. So hearing that i put work aside for a little while and we went out to the field to let the dogs run around and let Gio explore. I loved seeing how smart and curious he is, looking for bugs and running around and enjoying playing with the dogs. We were there for a couple of hours, of course i brought the camera with me and loved taking some photos. By far it was the best afternoon i have had in a while. Enjoy!

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