Saturday, May 31, 2008

Early nerd fest.....

Every year a group of us comes up to Big Bear to indulge the inner nerd in us and revel in a week of computer games, movies, unhealthy food, no sleep, and very little sunshine. Our brother Steve's family has a cabin right by the lake so its an awesome place to stay at. We usually do this in december but this year is a little different.......Steve is getting married in this june and so we retreated to our mountain oasis for his bachelor party. Its been a blast hanging out with every one, playing the Wii and right now they are playing rock band.....hahahahaha awesome cus Matt doesnt really know the words. Anywho, i usually cant stay in for long, not because i dont like the people but because the outside beckons and begs to be photographed and seeing as how i always bring up my gear it s a call that i must answer. I went out yesterday in the afternoon, it was so much fun!! It was so good too to be shooting some nature stuff again. Nature photography is by far my 1st love in photography and by far my favorite thing to shoot. Shot some bird stuff but it became very apparent that the 300mm lens that i have just isnt enough.......i need bigger glass!!! oh well, someday ill get there you have it. I will try to document our activities better today and still try to go out on more time before we leave. Heres some photos from yesterday.....enjoy!!

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