Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congrats to Jamie and Kasha....

You know, its really cool that as a photographer i have had the privilege to photograph some very cool weddings and even cooler that some of those have been for friends and family. Last Saturday Jen and I had yet another incredible privilege and we there to photograph Jamie and Kashas weddings. The wedding was in Fallbrook at a nursery called Finnamex, the area were the ceremony was held was gorgeous!! Everything was just perfect..........except for the fact that it was about a thousand degrees out and i was drinking water like crazy. Strangely enough i didnt have to go to the bathroom at all the whole day and that was because i was sweating like no other that day. So it was a nice little endeavor trying to stay hydrated and at the same time take photos and keep from passing out. So basically take photos and try not to die, other than that everything was just awesome. Oh have i mentioned the food? THE FOOD!!! Holy cow!!! INCREDIBLE!! Jamies cousin is a chef, and an amazing one at that too. It was some of the most amazing food ive had at a wedding. This was also the most unique wedding we have done as well, as there were some jewish elements thrown in and right as the ceremony started they had this guy come down the aisle with this huge horn. To signal that the ceremony was beginning the horn was blown and the show began. We were blown away by everyones high spirits and just the incredible kindness of both families, it was truly amazing to see just how loving everyone was towards each other. Even towards us, i felt like i was part of the family while i was really is indescribable. Jamie and i have this "brother sister" relationship going, and while i am not really her brother i take the title happily and am honored to have it. Of course with such a title comes the inevitable defensiveness when your little sister starts dating a guy, but if there was ever a man that could put a bother at ease man it is Kasha hands down. Never have a seen a more gentle and caring man, whose love for God and respect and love for his wife are so evident it was truly amazing to see. It was great to see Jamie so happy......and trust me it was evident throughout the entire day. Well to top off a great day there was lots of dancing and let me tell you Kasha is a maniac on the dance floor. Im still just in shock of sorts replaying the day in my mind and seeing just the incredible joy shared by the whole family. It was incredible......thank you guys for letting us be there for your special day. We love you both!!! Enjoy!!

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